Private security firms in Afghanistan being closed.

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Blackwater and all the other paid killers have to find a new IRL MOH...

I am willing to bet that attacks on aid organizations increases now :shooting: :peep:

Seven private security firms working in Afghanistan, is being closed, the country's Interior Ministry, while dozens of others are expected to suffer the same fate.

The private security companies help protect Western embassies and international military columns to private relief organizations and media companies in the war-torn country.

The move comes after the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, has been accused of being too slow in building his own country's security forces.

While seven private security firms have been closed, then the Interior Ministry in Kabul announced that 45 other security companies in 12 months will be replaced by an Afghan Protection Force.

Critics says that Afghanistan still not has the ability to provide sufficient security for embassies, military columns, aid agencies and media companies. ... 519909.ece
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good, those fuckers should not have been there anyway
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