Project Camelot: The Coming Of Nibiru

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PostThu Oct 30, 2008 12:18 am » by Bobbyinedmonton

gabriel892 wrote:... isnt any more real than the theory of "Man Made Global Warming".

Oh you poor soul... Having trouble finding your own footprints in the sand are we?

I wanna argue this with you, so I'm gonna start a thread in the science forum.

And, combine this:
Even if we couldnt, Im sure that the Illumanati/NWO whatever know of it's existence, so what could they gain by keeping it under wraps when the coming of Nibiru means death to ALL.

With this:
maleman wrote: there will be some gravitational effects on the planet, which will manifest themselves in extreme weather conditions....not a collision.

If you were the NWO building your bunkers of limited size, would you tell everyone in advance and hope that they don't come knocking on the door of your bunker when the event occured? Or, would you keep it under wraps as long as possible, to make the getaway into the bunker in time?

The motivation is simple. They don't want to die, and they don't have enough room to save everyone. Not that they give the vibe that they want to help anyone else anyways.

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PostThu Oct 30, 2008 1:34 am » by NamelessGhoul

I give you some Facts:

Recent research suggests that a very large percentage of stars in the Universe are part of systems with at least two stars. ... 0321a.html

It means that Binary systems are normal as shit in the Galaxy. Hmm..and our Solar system dont?! Exception? Hell yeah, cause we see no other Sun, right .

But what if our Sun has a Twin! A Brown Dwarf. Those failed stars that are not massive enough to centrally produce major nuclear reactions. Call it Nibiru ,Nemesis what you want.

There is a Theory that a hypothetical brown dwarf, orbiting the Sun at a distance of about 50,000 to 100,000 AU, somewhat beyond the Oort cloud. The existence of this star was postulated in an attempt to explain an inferred periodicity in the rate of biological extinction in the geological record. ... Dark_Twin/

The Real Question is:

Is our Solar system a Binary one?

Is there something Big beyond the Oort cloud we are not capable of tracking?

What will happen when that Gravitational Monster hit the Oort cloud?

One word : Extinction! :ugeek:

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