Proof Positive Aliens Built the Pyramids in Egypt

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PostTue Nov 02, 2010 4:19 pm » by Edgarrothstein

mumin wrote:@edgarrothstein
i just wondered... do people who depict a guy holding a sheep as Jesus realize that the whole shephard and sheep thing was supposed to be a figure of speech? I mean... do they imagine Jesus as somebody walking around with baby sheep in his arms?

Whatever makes them happy is OK with me. :flop:

Although i find rather strange that God could create the Universe, but he couldn't create the Pyramids.

Or he was too lazy perhaps, so he just ordered the Aliens to do the job.

Or maybe He is extremely busy guy...

Disclosing bullshitters since 1969.

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PostTue Nov 02, 2010 4:44 pm » by Starphazer

Good post!
The question is did any of these aliens build it?Are they following the ones that built the pyramids,and are now long gone?:) ... 81496.html

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PostWed Nov 03, 2010 1:02 am » by Tradhead

edgarrothstein wrote:
tradhead wrote:

Scroll down to pyramid section.

I generally doubt the scientific value of any article if it starts with :

Image" "

I totally agree :flop:
I just thought I had read it somewhere before and I had, on the daft site I linked. :wink:

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PostWed Nov 03, 2010 6:13 pm » by Stophaarp

Great post. I agree with most of your evidence pointing to the pyramids and surrounding features as being built by a society more advanced than our society even today. Just one small discrepancy. There's debate as to who the head of the sphinx was remodeled after, but it's not Ramses. The sphinx enclosure is credited to Khafra, but some argue the sphinx looks more like purported busts of his father Khufu. (but who really knows, as yes, the pharohs were known to try and cover up past rulers with their own deeds and name)

But yes, the pyramids and the sphinx most certainly were built somewhere in the pleistocene era, which ended over 12,000 years ago, and is the last time the Nile Delta was fertile enough to have water pooling around the sphinx's whole body.

I have a theory about why the sphinx is built in a 50' deep deppression in the earth: Either Khufu and khafra dismantled existing structure built around the sphinx to build their existing temples, demolishing the original sphinx enclosure, and in the process recarved the face to completely hide the work of the ancient race.

Or perhaps the depression was once a carved rectangle filled with water. A reflection pool. Ancient mayans used to stargaze in reflection pools, that's how the stars became the underworld, because they watched them from above. It's very possible the egyptians, or the master race that was dominate in the world over 12,000 years ago, used a similar version of stargazing.

It's quite ingenious, because it gives you parameters to measure celestial movement by. Sort of like a window...the window stays the same, but everything inside has measurable change through out the year. Instead of trying to take the whole sky in at once, they could view it in sections. Blog Portfolio

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PostWed Nov 03, 2010 8:19 pm » by Cee420

naranja wrote:
cee420 wrote:Hey

The pyramids were not built by aliens, man

There are markings painted by the work crew on the stones on the Great pyramid, so it was built by humans and ordered by Khufu


The pyramid builders did not carry the stone blocks but pulled and pushed them on sleighs with wet, wood logs under the them


:nope: Wet wood logs.. how long does wet wood logs stay wet? who watered the logs? didnt it get muddy and slippery with all the wet wood logs rolling around?

The slippery thing is kinda the whole idea

Who watered them? ..a guy that was not pulling or pushing the sledge!



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