Prophetic Signs that we are in the End Times

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If you can figure out why DaVinci's two separate paintings of Madonna on the rocks appear as shown above if overlapped and alternated, then you are also bright enough to figure out why 2 twin towers came crashing down and why a building listed as #7 came down, and why a building called the Pentagon was wounded and then healed. You will know just how bloody close the "End of times" came to becoming a reality.

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mediasorcerer wrote:why get distracted with all that shit,when we can be doing the hard work on ourselves instead,we are all going to die,this is the real challenge here,not flicking between the rapture,antechrist or any other frightening distracting c rap,its all about the relationships we have with each other,dont waste your time with worrying about religious distractions,focus on your heart,and raising your vibration ,monitoring your thoughts ,and being the love you really are,only you will judge yourself when the time comes,nothing else,its all hard personal work,dont get distracted with fear,prophecy,any other crap,so hard and so confusing,the only antechrist or demon or evil or devil is the depths of mans subconscious mind ,and its interplay with the world,cut through for your own salvation,save yourself,no one is coming to do it for you,you have been tricked,the world will always be here,we will all die anyway,so live in the moment and make it a good one,


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Well my theory is quite the opposite. We've never had a war, that wasn't as bad as the 1st or Second world war. I believe that their have been less death's created by war, then their was a long time ago. The world could very well come to world peace.

You see the bible also say's gods kingdom will never end. Now how could the world end, when clearly in the bible it say's god's kingdom will end.

Third of all I don't see the world ending for atleast another 10,000 years. Maybe.

Natural disasters would occur too. In fact there have been less natural disasters occuring during the last few years or so.

So really we are coming to a new error. An error or world peace.

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What about the 7 years of Tribulattion. That hasn't even begun yet. Slow your roll where not toast yet.
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Botched doomsday prophecies!
The Donatists, a North African Christian sect, predicted the world would end in 380.
Roman theologian Sextus Julius Africanus (ca. 160-240) predicted the second coming of Jesus in the year 500.
! Hippolytus (died ca. 236) predicted the second coming of Jesus in the year 500.
The theologian Irenaeus predicted the second coming
of Jesus in the year 500.
Lotharingian computists foresaw the End on Friday, March 25, 970, when the Annunciation and Good Friday fell on the same day. They believed that it was on this day that Adam was created, Isaac was sacrificed, the Red Sea was parted, Jesus was conceived, and Jesus was crucified.
Christian prophets predicted that the end would come in 992, when the Annunciation and Good Friday again fell on the same day.
When it didn't happen in 992, Christians revised the prediction to 995.
EVERY Christian predicted the end of the world in the year 1000.
When the world did not end in the year 1000, Christian prophets explained that they had forgotten to add in the length of Jesus' life and predicted the end of the world in 1033. The writings of the Burgundian monk Radulfus Glaber described a rash of mass hysterias during the period from 1000-1033
Various Christian prophets predicted the end of the world in the year 1184. Nobody seems to remember why.
John of Toledo, after calculating that a planetary alignment would occur in Libra on September 23, 1186 (Julian calendar), circulated a letter (known as the "Letter of Toledo") warning that the world was to going to be destroyed on this date, and that only a few people would survive.
Joachim of Fiore predicted the end of the world somewhere between 1200 and 1260. It did for him personally; he died in 1202.
Pope Innocent III predicted the end of the world in the year 1284, 666 years after the founding of Islam.
! When Joachim of Fiore's predicted end of the world had not happened by 1260, members of his order (the Joachites) simply re-scheduled the end another 30 years later to 1290.
Gerard of Poehlde, believing that Christ's Millennium actually began when the emperor Constantine came to power,
predicts the end of the world 1000 years after the start of Constantine's reign, in 1306.
The Joachites again re-scheduled the end of the world, this time to the year 1335.
Czech archdeacon Militz of Kromeriz claimed the Antichrist was alive and well and would show up no later than 1367, bringing the end of the world with him.
! Jean de Roquetaillade, a French ascetic, predicted the Antichrist was to come in 1366, with the end of the world a few years after that.
The Joachites again re-scheduled the end of the world, this time to the year 1378.
Czech Doomsday prophet Martinek Hausha of the radical Taborite movement warned that the world would end in February 1420,
Several 15th Century prophets predict the end of the world for the year 1496.
The Italian artist Botticelli captioned his painting, "The Mystical Nativity" with a message warning that the end of the world would occur within three years, based on the predictions of Girolamo Savonarola.
Prophets in England predicted a flood on February 1, 1524 (Julian) to strike at London. 20,000 people abandoned their homes in fear. Yet another prophet, citing an alignment of planets in the constellation Pisces, set the date for the flood for February 20th. Both days turned out to be sunny with not even a drop
Anabaptist Thomas Müntzer, thinking that he was living at the "end of all ages," in 1525, incited a spectacularly unsuccessful revolt of the peasantry.
Prophets in England, having failed in their February 20th, 1524 prediction for a massive flood, reschedule the prediction to 1528.
Reformer Hans Hut predicted the end would occur on Pentecost (May 27, Julian calendar) 1528.
Bishop Frederick Nausea (yes, that is his name), predicted that the world would end in 1532 after hearing a single report of bloody crosses appearing in the sky alongside a comet.
Anabaptist prophet Melchior Hoffman predicted the end of the world in 1533. he also predicted that Jesus would reappear in Strasbourg, to save 144,000 people from the world's end.
! Mathematician Michael Stifel, a devout Christian, calculated that the Day of Judgement would begin at exactly 8:00am on October 19, 1533.
Jan Matthys predicted that the Apocalypse would take place on Easter Day (April 5, Julian calendar) 1534 and only the city of Münster would be spared.
French astrologer Pierre Turrel, a devout Christian, hedges his bets and predicts the end of the world in 1537, 1544, 1801 or 1814.
French theologian Pierre d'Ailly predicted the end of the world in 1555. Christopher Columbus' own apocolyptic views were based on this prediction.
Rumors of the end of the world swept through the churches of Switzerland on Magdalene's Day in 1556, source unknown.
Several astrologers and clergy cite a conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn as a sign that the second coming of Jesus will occur in London at noon on Apr 28, 1583.
Another astrologer revises the above prediction to 1584.
The sage Johann Müller (aka Regiomontanus) predicts the second comiong of Christ in 1588.
Martin Luther predicted that the world would end no later than the year 1600.
Dominican monk Tomasso Campanella wrote that the sun would collide with the Earth in 1603.
Eustachius Poyssel used numerology to pinpoint 1623 as the year of the end of the world.
The same astrologers who failed in predicting a great flood in 1524, finally moved their predictions safely beyond their own deaths, to 1624.
Sabbatai Zevi, a rabbi from Smyrna, Turkey, predicted that the Messiah would come in 1648. When 1648 arrived, Zevi announced thet he was the Messiah!
In 1578, physician Helisaeus Roeslin of Alsace, basing his prediction on a nova that occurred in 1572, predicted the world ending in 1654 in a blaze of fire.
Christian prophets predict the end of the world in 1656, based on the theory that 1656 years passed between the creation and Noah's flood.
The Fifth Monarchy Men, a group of radical Christians intending to force the British Parliament to base all laws on the Bible (much like the Christian Coalition does in the United States) predicted the world would end in 1657.
Devout Christian Christopher Columbus (yes, THAT Christopher Columbus) in his book "The Book Of Prophecies", predicted the world would end in 1658.
Joseph Mede, whose writings influenced James Ussher and Isaac Newton, claimed that the Antichrist appeared way back in 456, and the end of the world would come in 1660.
During a period of strife, Ebnglish clergy announce that the year 1666 will bring the end of the world, a prediction thought to be coming true when a great fire strikes London.
Few believe Rabi Sabbatai Zevi is the Messiah, so he changes his prediction for the appearence of the Messiah to 1666. He is arrested for disturbing the peace with his prophecies, and when given the choice between execution and conversion to Islam, eagerly converts.
Deacon William Aspinwall, a leader of the Fifth Monarchy movement, predicts the end of the world for 1673.
John Napier, the mathematician who discovered logarithms, applies his new mathematics to the Book of Revelations and predicts the end of the world for 1688.
Pierre Jurieu, a Camisard prophet, predicted that Judgement Day would occur in 1689. The Camisards were Huguenots of the Languedoc region of southern France.
Anglican rector John Mason and German theologian Johann Alsted both predicted the end of the world for 1694. Another German prophet Johann Jacob Zimmerman, predicted that Jesus would reappear in America and organized an expedition of Christians to sail across the Atlantic and welcome their savior when he reappeared. Although Zimmerman himself died on the day of departure, his followers completed the journey and remained encamped in the wilderness of North America until it became obvious that Jesus had stood them up.
Anglican rector Thomas Beverly predicts the end of the world for 1697.
Notorious witch chaser Cotton Mather predicts the end of the world for 1697.

Puritans predicts the end of the world for 1697.
John Napiers' second try predicts the end of the world for 1697.
Henry Archer, a Fifth Monarchy Manpredicts the end of the world for 1697.



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