Psychic children

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This is a good finding for me, My earliest school memories where in the trailer with a teacher and all we did was I had to guess the card before I turned it over for hours at a time. Then my mom found out so she beat me with a wire clothes hanger and made sure I was not around that teacher anymore. I am not saying I was anything different but I was able to guess right most of the time and I was getting better. I still have a keen since of reading people, guessing ages and birth dates within a few days, but again I've always been interested in the weird and different. ... with-them/

There is all kind of false psychics but there is also a keen interest in the ones that are better than the rest, the use of psychics in solving crimes to using them to find suddam and well I do not personally think they ever wanted to find osama, but that's my opinion and don't want this topic to lean towards that. You can argue that some of the greatest minds could have been psychic to a degree, flying machines when travel was mere walking from one distance to the other. I do not think its a matter of real or fake, the evidence is there to suggest its real. I'm just educating myself and thought it might be interesting for someone else to read the article.
Do you know you're being watched?

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