Psychic predictions for this year 2010

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PostWed Apr 14, 2010 5:35 pm » by Savwafair2012

Not Mine just so you know :flop:

Hellooo everybody! Summer is just around the corner and I thought I would make another thread specifically with predictions and insight for this year. I really wanted to dig it all out for you guys.

The post is listed in order in categories for predictions they are

•Financial Concerns
•Geological Concerns
•Future Expectations
•And finally color coded months with added predictions.


Financial concerns- First and foremost this is important to address. I have mentioned it on youtube and I will bring it up again. I give this year into the next for the dollar to crash. I'm surprised it hasn't crashed already. Though it appears that all will be lost when the dollar leaves don't dispair. I see and feel a new kind of system. This system will use "plastic" money. Or something else.
Some kind of "new" currency we will be using.

While meditating on this I saw elite bankers puking coins continuously, this of course is obviously symbolic, not literal lol. The coins kept on coming and coming, and they went into an infinite pit where it all disappeared. The bankers then appeared emaciated which I took that symbolically as them losing their power.

I see a new kind of movement this year. Some kind of a revolution with the american people , I saw in my minds eye "We the people" written. I see that the elite are failing, and scared.

As I have been stressing for some time. I urge everyone to buy silver as you can. The last time I bought mine it cost $15.00 an ounce, the price of silver is now on the rise as I said it would be. By the time the dollar crashes you will not be able to go to the banks, and you will not be able to go to stores to buy silver. At least five ounces or more of silver would be plentiful, should you decide to cash in your entire currency that might be overkill but it's up to you.

If you have gold, don't give it away for cash like the ads on TV and the stores in your neighborhood are advertising. You'll be a very unhappy person and feel like you were conned in the long run. Our dollars are useless pieces of paper which is "debt". This means that the money you use is essentially non-existant. And it will physically appear that way soon.

Geological Concerns- For some reason my mind has been focusing on the "San Andrea fault" in California. I do expect the big one to hit this year. If not California I am certain I feel a very large, very effective earthquake striking this year for sure.

I do see a tsunami, not terribly huge but they still are.. occurring somewhere this year due to another earthquake. It appears that "earthquake" will be the hot word for this year.

I have seen many tornadoes for this summer, as well as hurricanes. I see a lot of floods, much more disasters than we have ever recorded which the media will catch onto like wildfire.

Viruses This summer along with the earthquakes a new strain of a virus will have been found or created... It will be spoken of again and I see healthcare possibly playing a role in this. It does appear though that this will just be yet another scare like Swine flu to get us to take more vaccines. I see it dying down quickly, although it will appear as a very "scary" threat, it will soon dissipate. However, people will get this virus, and it will spread, but it will die down.

Government-- There is something interesting going on with the United Nations, China, and America. But people what i highly recommend is to leave america when you can.. I'm in college and I don't really have transportation so I'll have to stick around but from what I see that is coming America will be in its worst shape yet. Riots, shootings, police, scares.. terrorists.

I sense a woman will be president later, wheter this is hillary clinton or Sara palin, or someone else I am not positive. I feel more along the lines that "hillary" is playing a major part in some awful scheme against Obama. I have mentioned this several times but I feel that our president is in some type of danger. Not only did I have quite a vivid preminition of this, and I sure it will come to pass, but the energy associated with this is fishy.

UFOS- I expect, whether you believe me or not, for there to be a massive invasion either fake or not. or friendly.. of extraterrestrial craft in the sky. We will all see it and the government will not be able to hide this, unless of course they are the ones who are "doing this". in order to take our rights of freedom away so that they can "save" us. If it is indeed our government who is faking this alien invasion it would be part of "Project Blue Beam"
It is interesting to note that the media has taken kindly to the talk of "UFOS' on board meetings, and "Disclosure project" plus many other movements which are trying to get their information out there....

However... I would be skeptical about this. We might be in for a surprise. Although my animal medicine cards can't really be counted as evidence by some they have shown me that there is much deciet, trickery, selfishness, and greediness involving money in this project.

Otherwise you can count on seeing, real, yes real* extraterrestrials before the date of 2012. I am quite sure of this. I know, that many people have had premintion type dreams of the coming ufo invasion< or "light show" in the sky. Hostile or not, government related or not, it will be interesting.

Future expectations-

From what I can see the future appears bright. After or on 2012.. until then we will have to go through some heavy duty stuff. It will get really thick and evident this summer, especially around July and into the coming months.. I will list them and my feelings respectively.

The months will be colored blue- okay- yellow- caution- Orange- outlook not so good- Red-dangerous

April[/b]- I don't sense much for this month, except for a few ties* and completions with the healthcare plan. Also, some people will be unhappy about jury duty this month.

May[/b]- Ah my birthday month! May 18. I'll be 22. But more importantly, the month of May does carry suspicion and first mentions of a virus. It carries energy of some type of attack whether that be terrorist or something else. Towards the end of this month is when the heat will begin to rise very high into the 90s, 100s.

June[/b]- This month comes with a lot of pleasure and lessons. New beginnings with peoples lives and a lot of goofing around. It will be.. exponentionally hot though for both the west and east coast.

July- Fourth of July of course, but some curious event associated with this.. with congress, with the government. I do see some mentioning of UFOS, on television, larry king live program again. and Steven basset will make an appearence somewhere.

It is somewhere in between these months where I sense the San andreas fault to give in.

August-[/b] I sense some struggling during this month, some pain.. some problems.. Tornadoes and great destruction. some earthquake here.

September- once again Hurricanes will wildly be on the rise especially in Florida.

October- I am not liking this month. I am seeing something associated with danger, hostility, problems, there is that virus thing again. Halloween should be fun but in another area it won't be so fun. Something might occur, around late october, a possible terrorist attack.

November- Ouch. these last few months hurt, with a lot of emotion. and heart felt compassion. I see danger at the whitehouse, rumors, scares, threats, and Obama of course is involved. Could this be the month of my prediction?

[b]December- Some of the threats have subside and it seems to be rather peaceful. A lot of excitement, NEW console alright! I can't wait to see what it will be. Wow, a lot of exciting new technology for kids and adults at the same time.. I'm a gamer so I'm probably picking up on some new console for the TV. And yet again they will update the TV and make it even more advanced than it already is. By this month, the touch-sense Tvs will be ready. A lot of people who have been waiting for "something" to happen will be satisfied with what is to come. Aside from this I would be aware of the tragedies that conspired from before hand, as there will be talk about this.

Until then, stay tuned for 2011-

From all of what I have said it is up to you what you beleive and whether or not you choose to take action in some kind of way, whether that means buying silver or leaving america. God Bless all :)
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PostWed Apr 14, 2010 5:53 pm » by Kingz

anybody can make a list like that and back it up with several resources.... Nothing really psychich about this in my opinion... more like, which tagwords are being used very often by internet users:

•Financial Concerns
•Geological Concerns
•Future Expectations

You don´t even need webbot predictions to see what predictions might come true, but it gives you an understanding how these `predictions` work:

Web Bot Predictions part 1/12

Upload to

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