Psychic Self Defense (Dion Fortune)

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PostMon Nov 07, 2011 10:28 pm » by SamueltheLion

have a read of this little book, if you have read it, comment here please

balance is the gateway to the higher worlds.

find balance within, balance and discipline. (5 senses + the invisible 6th: balance)

ok here's a little water:

PSYCHISM, however genuine, is a fruitful cause of self-delusion. A psychic is invariably highly sensitive and
suggestible. This is the basis of his gifts. Psychism not being a normal development, among Europeans at any rate, the psychic is, in the language of nautical engineers, "over-engined for his hull." He is consequently unstable, liable to violent emotional reactions, and in general exhibits those aberrations of conduct we are accustomed to associate with artistic genius. Unless a psychic is trained, disciplined, protected and watched over by those who understand his condition, his psychism is never reliable because he is blown about by every wind of influence.

The psychic and the neurotic are closely akin in their reactions to life, but the neurotic differs from the psychic in that, instead of being over-engined for his hull, he is under-hulled for his engines. The result is the same, however - a discrepancy between the force and form with the consequent inability to maintain a central, reasoned, directing control. The technique of the occult discipline is largely directed towards maintaining control of the disparate forces, compensating the sensitiveness of the psychic, and protecting him from unwanted impressions. It is never well to learn how to open the door of the Unseen unless at the same time one learns how to close and latch it.

As was noted in the Introduction, it is comparatively seldom that the Unseen comes in search of human beings. As the Caterpillar told Alice concerning the Puppy-dog, "You let it alone, and it will let you alone." But if we begin to study occultism, or even to dabble in it, sooner or later we are liable to obtain results, provided, of course, that the system we are using contains the germs of efficacy.
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PostMon Nov 07, 2011 11:27 pm » by Teloc

ze bitch claimed to have helped stop hitler from invading engelland.. on ze astral! (lol)

zat alone is high treason!

and then all zat qabbalah hocus pocus..

i guess its her parents fault...
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PostTue Nov 08, 2011 12:10 am » by Kerrblur2

I'm only answering to your thread title:

The only psychic self-defense I perform is when a Demon or lower entity tries and enters my "Area". and when another Psi-Vamp(human) Tries to take energy from me for the purpose of hurting me. other than that I am well grounded and STRONG in this field.
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