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zarinspeaks wrote:Earthman. You are the one who made the locomotive allusion. Not I. "Train wrecks" involve locomotives. Train wreck sounds more like a self metaphor than anything associated with me. Could you possibly address the points of my response to your action or are you not man enough to?
Your answer was a complete abandonment. Said nothing. Did nothing. A vague non-answer. I'm surprised you didn't use one of those simplistic faces only the illiterate use. (actually you did) Or are you too embarassed to man up to your own errata? Your own failure of character?
As too my contribution to "Mother Nature" what in the fuck does that have to do with my response to your actions. If you are going to be unfair and unbalanced in your behavior, doesn't that imply a lack of "Mother Nature" in your approach to life. A lack of balance? Or is this just a bit too heavy for you?

Listen, Oh Ancient Queer One, nem was trying to say this:
Your first few posts might have been interesting to a couple of people. Might have. To a couple. But the rest of this forum eats and shits the likes of you on a daily basis.
You are not even crazy enough to be funny (eliakim, brad, edconrad...), you are just a sick old perv that says he has visions of an imaginary lost civilization in his head, and claims that they are true historical accounts.
(And yes, atlantis is still a myth. No proof anywhere that it ever existed.)
your act is getting old. Like your flaccid ass.

I am having a psychic moment :
I see you packing your shit and moving back to more appropriate whack-job sites soon...
as long as there's one idiot around wlling to believe bullshit, there will be a bullshitter


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