Quakes along the 37th Parallel

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PostWed Aug 24, 2011 6:00 am » by Wyldkat

Hi all DTV'ers, I have been going through the USGS data, and I found something that seems more than a coincidence. Within the past week, and more recent in the past 36hours, is that the USA has had two major quake zones, both within the 37th Parallel. The I looked at other worldwide data, and during the past week, there has been many along the 37th Parallel (ie Japan, Afghanistan, and Southern Greece). No other quakes seem to have registered in a swarm like this. Add to this, you have the latest two being the biggest in nearly 40years have bee produced.

I am not sure if this has been looked at before, as with the tectonic plates and volcanic activity can all register quakes, as well as drilling/fracking etc, but this seems to me as something else. Is there an area of gravitational forces at work here? I know that with our angle of the Earth's rotation ie the Earth's axial tilt, is there something that we are missing in our radars so to speak? Is HAARP causing this?

Any thoughts?


Cheers, :-)

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