Queen Pharoah and the Stone of Destiny Druids and Molech.

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What are these people called,those who live across the narrow sea to the north ?'
Pretannikai was how he wrote down the reply,'they are the Pretannikai,and the island is called Pretannike'.
Over the following three centuries this word changed only slightly, to be noted by Julius Caesar as Britannia.When the Romans finally organized an invasion in AD 43 and colonized southern Britannia,the name stuck through nearly 400 years of occupation,and it has stuck in various forms ever since.
Scota brought the stone to Ireland and from there into west scotland and attack those people called picts ( Pretani) after the vikings kill there leaders at carnoustie the scots were able to move in and commit genocide on the pretani,they even destroy the real name of these people. Heather is translation of heathen its said that they spilt the blood of the heathen all over there heather only the white heather never had blood spilt on it,thus the term lucky white heather.
Angus is not the birthplace of scotland,Scone is.Kenneth Macalpin had himself proclaimed king of All the Pretani lands aswell as Dalriada ( west Scotland where the scots first landed from Ireland ) He was crowned arround AD 843. scotland is only over 1166 years old. MacAlpin and his mob are from Egypt,decendants of Rameses the II ( Chenthres Pharoah of The Oppression).
Scotland is only 1166 years old. the Scots kings are from Egypt.
Before the Pretani in Foyersup at lochness,the Iberians left there marks of the cup and rings on stones the Pretani re used to put there symbols sutch as the Z rod and dancing water horses.
In Greek myth Medusa head was chopped of by Perseus,it said that Pegasus the winged horse and his brother Chrysaor sprang from her neck.Now it is said Chrysaor became king of Iberia,that is now Spain and portugal.Lets go back to Lochness where the Iberians were said to have been before the Pretani.There to is a legend of a horse there,not a winged horse like Pegasus,but a water horse,and we all know her name... Nessie.
Here is the past back to Egypt,by the crowns own claim.
Alexander II,as a boy of 8,was crowned king in 1249...
The stone of Destiny,placed beneath a tall Celtic cross,was spreadwith silk embroidered in gold.The procession approached it from the abbey.The young prince sat, as the Eaerl of Fife placed the crown on his head and the bishop of St t Andrews performed the Act of Consecration. The moment the boy became king was when he was presented with a wand by chief bard,oe allave. The earls of Scotland cast their mantels down before him. Then an aged sennachie approached,fell on his knees,and recited the pedigree of the young king in Gaelic...
all the way back to" Iber the first Scot,son of Gaithel Glas.son of Neoilus,king of Athens,begotten of Scota,daughter of Pharaoh Chenthres,king of Egypt."
Chenthres is Ramesses II Pharoaoh of the oppression.
It was an open air ceremony,whose critical moment was accomplished,not by the bishop,but by a man who exemplified the tradition of the Druids.The last time it was performed was in 1651,when charles II was crowned king of Scots here...
The above was taken from not a history book but tourist guide book called..Travellers Trails Scotland by David Ross price $16.95
Charles II father was Charles I,whos father was King James VI.
Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII, married into the Scottish royal family by marrying James IV of Scotland Elizabeth II thus also descends from Kenneth MacAlpin, the semi-legendary first King of Scotland.
Above info source wikipedia.com
There is a couple of points id like to make. One.. Jacob stone, the stone of destiny.Jacob was father of the twelve tribes,now why would the scots kings and even Queen liz II use this stone ?. They must believe that they are from one of the twelve tribes,because if not,why would they hold the stone of Jacob is so high esteem ?. Iv heard that Queen Elizabeth II is from the tribe of Dan,i cant prove this yet,but if this is true there would be the answer,but the tribe of Dan were the tribe that was not sealed because they worship other gods,molech etc...Bohimain grove powefull world leaders and many famous people and even royals still today go each summer and burn the wickerman.
That was performed by the Druids at stonehendge and other places,seems strange that Alexander II and charles II used a druid priest in there coranations.

Those families are still at the molech worship today.

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