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PostFri Aug 27, 2010 11:01 am » by Iwanci

Yet again agreed, but the HOW remains. That paradigm shift you speak of will be hard to come by, you will find that the majority don’t want to change because they don’t truly believe it will be for the better (unfortunately), and the forces that keep them in that state of thinking are too great. Another issue that will stop the shift is, believe it or not, religion. Religion, government, control are all interconnected. So how do you change people’s belief system is the question that needs to be addressed, change the belief system and you will have the basis of the shift required to do what you are stating.

Starting with the ‘self’ is not so easy if your belief system doesn’t allow you to change, and when you have people (perhaps with good intentions like we have seen on this site) espousing the rise, the fall, the doom, the gloom, the evil, the goodness etc etc of their particular belief system, it makes it all the more difficult. My thought is that when you stop ‘pinning’ your values to a third party, a ‘god’ perhaps, then you begin on the path to enlightenment in the true sense and maybe you will be better able to see things more clearly, like for example that maybe the evil goes away when you stop feeding it?

For there to be good there needs to be bad, for there to be bad there needs to be good. So what then if one of those components did not exist, logic follows that no good = no bad, no bad = no good, we simply exist. When we are able to accept this and live this, live in a state of no good or bad, I believe we will have that break from everything that makes anything impossible. Goodness will prevail but it won’t be recognized as ‘goodness’ it will simply just be. That’s the point we need to get to, but will it happen? Not whilst the whole way we live is being driven by the system that surrounds us (yet again I agree with you drjones).

Try and change it on your own and you immediately become an outcast, not many if anyone will want to follow. Try and change it en masse and you will likely get locked up or shot, sects are not appreciated and besides you need to work within the system to survive, pay your mortgage, your electricity, buy your food etc. even if you wanted to grow your own food you would still need to own the land, buy the seeds, and comply with the laws that may or may not prohibit you from doing what you please on your land.

So, as utopian as we would like our world to be, the reality is that we need to change I agree, but that there may need to be a catalyst greater than our own ‘will’ to throw us into that direction. What that catalyst is I don’t know, unfortunately though likely to be a catastrophe of sorts.

Agree with the concept, but not sure it’s all that easy to affect the change. Great discussion though and very thought provoking.
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PostFri Aug 27, 2010 1:02 pm » by Drjones

Thanks for all that,great stuff!!...The way forward...this is it,what we are doing NOW... :sunny:

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PostFri Aug 27, 2010 5:16 pm » by shifter

drjones wrote:Believe..
Thanks for all that,great stuff!!...The way forward...this is it,what we are doing NOW... :sunny:

Wow guys.....thanks so much for your thoughts. Very intuitve thinking. :flop: I would give a response but I'm kind of hung over and your explanationtions were more than I expected and pretty much resolved my question in many ways :sunny:


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