Quite possibly the greatest space animation ever made

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PostSat Jan 01, 2011 11:21 pm » by Zer0

That was @$$%fucking brilliant, specially the last 10 mins, it was a high akin to what you get from 2010 space odyssey.
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PostSun Jan 02, 2011 3:11 am » by Nilm33

the57ironman wrote:i don't mean to ...... (yes i do) .... be cynical , but

is this presentation the kind of things that are being done with our tax dollars....?

nasa and what not....playing with computers....?

....never before seen.... :nope:

how do they know the time it takes to cross a galaxy , if time can be warped? :headscratch:

it's all conjecture , hypothesis......

like carbon dating...... :badair:

based on theory.....models.....computer data being put into equations.....

it has definately raised more questions , than answers...... :flop:

I " loved " the video , by the way :flop:

....a beautiful disney ride ......(hey , really , no offense)

An insanely funded partial public global space program, or your unemployment check assumptions. Im goin with NASA lol

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PostSun Jan 02, 2011 3:19 am » by Nilm33

Really though, in the science world people subject others claims to high scrutiny, and the global consensus is that there are black holes. It competitive, there are theories, but do your research and you will find many mathmatical facts well established. If any of them make a serious claim the entire world scientific community goes to work verifying factual data. Its not all fake.

Plus anything Qui -Gon- Jinn endorses has to be the truth.


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