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Jose Argueles wrote a book that I would deem his masterpiece before he died.
That book was called Time and the Technosphere and although I came across
it on a casual surf through Amazon amongst all the other books to purchase, I felt drawn
to it. This book is worth buying since its important now more than ever.

As with all books I buy, I trawl through them and write out the best parts again - at least those which I think are the gems of information in them. Here are the quotes from Argueles book;

• Belief systems, believe it or not, are functions of time. What you believe defines what time you are living in. Any belief system is held in place by the calendar and sense of time in which it is encoded.
• Earths timing process represents evolutionary forces as well as effects irreversibly set in motion by the human’s own unconscious programs, programs governed by human misperception of time and of its role in the cosmic order.
• From my experiment in time, seeing and studying the human as part of the larger self-evolving fabric of the biosphere, I came to the conclusion that the human is living in a time apart from the rest of the biosphere – an artificial time whose climax and termination is inevitable, for nothing artificial can withstand the force of truth. If the human is living in artificial time, the clock is an artefact whose system of measure has nothing to do with natural cycles but is a totally abstract standard, then there must be something called natural time. I will go even farther and state that not only is there natural time, but that there is a law governing natural time, and that is the Law of Time. Just as Newton only discovered gravity some 300 years ago, though gravity has always existed, so the Law of Time has always been in operation, even though it was just recently discovered. It is the Law of Time that governs the entirety of the biosphere and everything else in the universe according to principles which are only dimly known to us, principles like synchronicity and telepathic instantaneity.
• The Law of Time is formulated very simply, and in some people’s way of thinking, rather unscientifically as T (E) = Art, energy factored by time equals art. All phenomena in the material world represent some state of energy, and every state of energy is governed by time, the resultant product of which is always something beautiful or elegant. Have you ever seen an ugly sunset. A hideous flower? Even if you examine a scorpion with some objectivity you will be amazed at the flawless and elegant manner in which its parts are organized. Yes, all of nature is organised by time to produce in you the sensation of beauty. And time itself, well believe it or not, time is a frequency, and a frequency is not measurable by a clock. The Law of Time states that time is the universal frequency of synchronization. It is the nature of time to synchronize and to maintain all things in a condition of synchronization. Synchronicity, then, is the experience of real time. When we say that time is a frequency, we can be more precise and say that time is a universal constant expressible by mathematical ratio 13:20. That is, the 13:20 ratio is the frequency of synchronization.
• Ofcourse, most people have never heard of The Law of Time much less comprehend what the 13:20 ratio might mean. But then, that again gets to the root of the problem, or rather, the dilemma: If humans are living their own time apart from the rest of the biosphere which is governed by the natural frequency how could they ever know about The Law of Time? The humans are all a little like Mrs. Malaprop in the play by Moliere who learns to her surprise that she has been using grammar all of her life – though it is much more serious than that. So we humans are with the Law of Time – it has been operating throughout history without our awareness of it.
• Living in ignorance of the Law of Time and of the true nature of time, the human species constructed its own concept of time which is based on the clock with its 60-minute hour and the Gregorian calendar with its maddening array of unevenly numbered months. Hence, the paradigm of the artificial timing frequency is defined by the ratio 12:60 (twelve-month calendar, 60-minute hour) – in contrast to the 13:20 ratio of natural time. If the artificial mechanistic and irregularly measured time sets the human race apart from true or natural time, does this not also establish the fact that the human race is living an error in time? Only by living such an unconsciously assumed error could the human race arrive at such an apocalyptic moment as the inevitable event – inevitable because any deviation from the truth has an inevitable moment when the truth rebounds in some dramatic or even apocalyptic way.
• Making my observations regarding the effects of artificial time from a planetary whole systems point of view.
• I saw that even though the human species have evolved – or devolved, as the case may be- into a cultural hybrid which I call the planetary human, the object of the much touted globalization, I saw that the consciousness of this cultural hybrid was anything but planetary. This schism between the propaganda of globalization and the actual sectarian and fragmented state of consciousness of the hybrid human was further exacerbated, I observed, by the potently unconscious effects of living and error in time. Ironically, if the inevitable event left many of us in the dark, it has bought the Law of Time into the light. To elucidate let me quote here from a text I wrote in 1996, and which I think will give us a point to expand upon in order to bring the inevitable event into sharper focus, while allowing me to define some of my terms: through an error in time, the human species transforms its artificial construct, civilization into a global technosphere: the sum product of industrial mechanization of its biological functions. Because of human adaptation to the irregular mechanized 12:60 timing frequency, the technosphere runs counter to the laws of the biosphere (entropic system of society), creating a magnetic instability between the primal crystalline and vital organic processes.
• The current explosion of the world crises, stemming from the destruction of the world trade center twin tower, demonstrates the hypothesis of the Law of Time that states: operating on artificial and mechanistic timing standards will cause the human to deviate from natural time to the point of its self-destruction, the end result of the magnetic instability referred to in this reference. But here we have some further definitions to make.
• While the term biosphere defines the entirety of life as a single coherent unity, inclusive of its inorganic or semi-inert support systems such as the atmosphere and the hydrosphere, technosphere defines an artificial sheathe or membrane held together by industrial technology as a whole system. This technological mantle is the sum of the processes devised by humans resulting in a severe imbalance in the biosphere. This imbalance, the magnetic instability between the primal crystalline and vital organic processes refers to the disruption of the delicate interaction between the inert (crystalline) and biological processes and structures which constitute the vibrant mechanisms and interactive cycles of biosphere. Phenomenona such as global warming and over-population are symptomatic of the technosphere disruption of the natural order of the biosphere.

• The term technosphere, however, is actually just the middle term of a larger process defined as the biosphere-noosphere transition. According to the principle figure behind the elaboration of the laws of the biosphere, V. I. Vernadsky, as an evolving structure, the biosphere is inevitably being transformed into a new geological and evolutionary condition, the noosphere – earth’s mental envelope. In Vernadsky’s analysis, the entirety of the biospheric process can be described as a single biogeochemical unity. According to Vernadsky, due to man’s transformation of nature since the industrial revolution, this biogeochemical unity has entered a state of combustion – an accelerated process of transformation. It is this rapidly accelerating geochemical combustion – the net effect of industrialization and its waste that accompanies an evolutionary shift, the transformation of the biosphere into the noosphere. But between the biosphere and the noosphere there is the technosphere, the intervening medium of transformation.
• So when we speak of the biosphere and the noosphere we must take into account the technosphere. In actuality we must speak of the biosphere-technosphere-noosphere transition. In this context, the noosphere is the condition of the human mind purified of the error of time. And if the noosphere is the earths mental envelope, it could only be so because of a unified state of mind, the transformation of the hybrid planetary human into a genuinely spiritualized planetary being, the mind of the earth no less- something that seems phenomenally utopian from the perspective of today’s evening news. How could this come about, this noosphere of a telepathically unified human consciousness?
• The premise of this investigation is simple: it is an undeniable fact that the time of human civilization, governed by the clock and the Gregorian calendar, is not the same as the rest of the biosphere. Artificial time is not the same as natural time. Or rather, artificial time establishes a frequency which governs the human species totally apart from the timing frequency of the rest of life.
• Suffice is to say that the Law of Time in every respect answers the question posed by my previous books and summarised in the single query: how will modern man escape the fatal consequences of the one-sided mechanization of his biological operations and the imminent destruction of his life-support system?
• Just as air is the atmosphere of the body, so time is the atmosphere of the mind. If the time in which we live consists of uneven months and days regulated by mechanized minutes and hours, that is what becomes of our mind: a mechanized irregularity. Since everything follows from mind, it is no wonder that the atmosphere in which we live daily becomes more polluted, and the greatest complaint is: I just don’t have enough time. Who owns your time, owns your mind. Own your own time and you will know your own mind.
• The Technosphere: the technological envelope of the planet. The end or limits of the technosphere define the birth or beginning of the noosphere.
• In fact, one of the consequences of the technosphere is the limiting nature of consciousness which remains unchanged despite the fact that technology is changing all of the time.
• To speak of an event being inevitable is to bring about a reflection on the nature of time, and even of the laws of cause and effect and karma. It is time that governs both cause and effect as well as the actions karma.
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• Defining the Law of Time as the factor of universal synchronization, the law by which all events in the universe are maintained in synchronic relation to each other, we approach the domain of a hitherto undefined realm, that of the synchronic order. As the unifying fourth-dimensional order of time in the universe, the synchronic order is measured and gauged by the 13:20 matrix. The mathematical coding of the Law of Time is entirely locked into this 13:20 matrix, otherwise known as the Harmonic Module or Tzolkin, the basis of the sacred count of the ancient Maya. When we examine the Harmonic Module, a 3 x 20 matrix, we may well ask what does that have to do with time? It is obviously as different from a clock, as a tree is from a flagpole! When we examine the matrix carefully we see that there is a repetition of thirteen notations, the numbers 1-13, that occurs 20 times yielding 260 (13 x 20) units.
• The radial quality of fourth-dimensional time is what accounts for its being the factor of universal synchronization. This is different from the sensation of the second hand as it sweeps around the clock, indicating the inexorability, not of time but of the mechanization of time! The 13:20 matrix becomes potently useful as the means of establishing the synchronic order when it is coordinated with a genuinely harmonic timing standard, the Thirteen Moon/ 28 day calendar.
• As the universal factor of synchronization, time is instantaneous and transcends light. This novel perception of time defines a new reality, the synchronic, of which our experiences of synchronicity are but a foretaste. The synchronic order described by the law of Time poses the order of an entirely new science of time. To be realized and then applied, the science of time is dependent on two factors: a sudden and radical disruption of the historical continuum; and a genuine globalization or planetization of consciousness. The break in historical continuity is necessary to jolt the human consciousness from its stagnant and entropic state – defined by the Law of Time as the delimiting 12:60 frequency consciousness of artificial, mechanistic time – while the globalization of consciousness, intimately connected with this sudden discontinuity, is necessary for the application of this law at a planetary whole systems level. Of course, the radical disruption of the historical continuum was provided by the collapse of the twin towers, and can actually be mapped in a description of the dialectical process of human evolution.
• Psychic turbulence is directly proportional to changes in psycho-cultural status through time – consciousness is a wave and thus has polarity. Universe is a recording medium of which conscious feedback loops can activate past events or ghosts – which are simply records. Everything happens in the now, time travel in the conventional sense does not exist, but you can go to different dimensions on different frequencies.
• What does it indicate, this point of psychic polarity switching currents?
• Regarding the world trade centre towers collapse – this in itself is a noospheric moment – the mental envelope of the earth made collectively and globally conscious in one instant of history-shattering significance, and hence, the genuine entry into post-history.
• ESP (extrasensory perception) – the opposite of PSE (psycho sensory elaboration) – is released in the instantaneity of the information reaching virtually every human being on earth.
• This is the collective reaction of the Aboriginal Continuity current that has been disengaged and disempowered for so long by Civilization Advance. Civilization has finally been checkmated. Now the Revolution of Time must be completed in order to stabilize the biosphere, anchor the noosphere, and de-structure the technosphere.
• Rooted in the four recurring year-bearers of the Wizards Count – which is not the same as the Mayan long count, nor the Julian Count of modern science – the Thirteen Moon calendar exists for the establishment of the reality of the synchronic order as an entirely new method of knowledge and being for the entire human race as a cosmic medium operating within the biosphere.
• The transforming mechanism referred to is the biosphere itself, which Vernadsky had already defined as the medium or region for the transformation of cosmic energy on Earth. At its simplest level, the unity of the whole of living matter of the biosphere is the sum of its living organisms. These living organisms either directly or indirectly are continuously processing solar and cosmic radiation, transforming it into various chemical cycles that establish the atmosphere, most notably through photosynthesis and the oxygen and carbon dioxide cycles. The important point, however, in any consideration of the biosphere is the principles of unity: the biosphere is a unitive complex of cycles summarized as a single continuously transforming and slowly mutating biogeochemical process (a cell of a larger organism?).
• The thought of the human species is a new fact which is turning the structure of the biosphere upside down after myriads of centuries.
• It is through the intermediate structure of the technosphere that the human is wreaking the greatest havoc on these principles that are intended to maintain the biosphere as a stable dynamic, and by which the human constitutes a biomutation of unparalleled significance. The different stages of the mutation of life account for the biogenic migration of atoms: “The evolution of different forms of life throughout geological time increases the biogenic migration of elements in the biosphere.” The metamorphosis of dinosaurs into fossil fuel is an example of the biogenic migration of atoms – and the introduction of free energy (the term for industrial waste and by-products such as carbon monoxide) into the biosphere, while at a more mundane level, it refers to processes such as metabolism, circulation, breathing, and so forth.

To summarize, there are two biogeochemical principles. The first states: The biogenic migration of chemical elements in the biosphere tends towards a maximum of manifestation; this refers to the presence of life everywhere on earth, as well as the principles of the pressure of living matter upon itself. The second biogeochemical principles states: the evolution of species, in tending towards the creation of new forms of life, always move in the direction of increasing biogenic migration the atoms in the biosphere. The second biogeochemical principle regulates the course of evolution. A newly evolved species will survive in the biosphere only if it is sufficiently able to and sufficiently active in furthering the migration of atoms. The organism cannot be considered apart from its medium. It is part of the complex mechanism of the biosphere. Here Vernadsky concludes his study of the biosphere with a consideration of the laws regulating evolution that, for him, are to be sought in the mechanism of the biosphere and not in accidental circumstances. For this reason “evolution must proceed, namely, in the direction of increasing consciousness and thought, and of forms having greater and greater influence on their surroundings.” This consideration leads Vernadsky to domains of philosophical or religious thought. Why?

“We are confronted with a new form of biogenic migration resulting from activity of human reason. Human thought has changed in a brisk and radical manner the trend of natural processes and has even modified what we call natural laws. Consciousness and thought, despite the efforts of generations of thinkers, have never been defined; have never been given a physical basis, in terms of matter and energy. And here Vernadsky poses a question that remained unanswered for him but that also leads to a consideration of the noosphere: “how can processes which seem purely physical be affected by consciousness?”

• Man by his work and his conscious attitude toward life is remaking a terrestrial envelope, the geological domain of life, the biosphere. He is transforming it into a new geological state, the noosphere.
• An immense new form of biogeochemical energy is represented by the technological work of man, complexity guided by his thought. It is interesting that the increase, in the course of time, of machinery in the structure of human society also proceeds in geometrical progression, just like the reproduction of any kind of living matter, man included.
• The noosphere is none other than what the Law of Time defines as the synchronic order. As the structure of fourth-dimensional time, the synchronic order is a fluid, radial chronomantic structure in which time, telepathy and consciousness are united in ways unpredictable to even the most advanced Western systems of mathematics.
• For Vernadsky the sum properties of the elements of the biosphere are the functions both of mathematics and of different kinds of geometries. It is of note that in the summation of the differences between intert and living bodies according to three factors, the first being energy and the second chemical manifestations, Vernadsky defines the third factor as “differences in regard to space-time.” Of this factor Vernadsky writes: This substratum, the geometrical state of physical space, underlies all physiochemical phenomena and perhaps has an even deeper reality that that of the phenomena themselves.
• This deeper reality is the phenomenon of time itself, expressed through various geometries or geometrical principles, which informs the manifest phenomena of life. This is an obviously aesthetic factor as well as a cosmological principle – which links with Walter Russell’s work.
• All geometric forms are radiative and derive from the fourth-dimensional radial matrix. All fourth-dimensional functions are radial in nature and imply a principle of centre from which the structure is projected. Geometry is how fourth-dimensional time incorporates as third-dimensional form. The incorporation of time as geometrical form informs all of the inorganic and organic orders of the realm of instinct. Time incorporated as the geometry of forms is the principle example of T(E) = Art. All forms and species participate in varying orders of geometry of form, both in their bodily structure and their forms of process.
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