R. I. P. Zecharia Sitchin

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PostThu Oct 28, 2010 3:06 pm » by Raphael

smagus wrote:death is only the beginning, journey well Zecharia!


zecharia is not dead....his death was all made up....he was abducted....and he is on the Mothership now...out by the 12th planet...

he will return as MEssiah....
hang in there sheeple

And for those of you that really care....
Do what the tibetans do....
Pray for months to help guide the soul in its death journey....

Better pray for him 24/7/365....
his inane self-serving Nibiru nonsense may have the bugger trapped in a dead end, in the matrix, took a wrong fookin' turn at the fork in the road, he got fucked.

His sheeple fans should pray good and long and mean it.
ZS might be very very very lost....

ewe lost sole
a lost and flounder
a wasted life fooling the sheeple
for fame, and fortune and fuckin $$$ ?
just for the halibut?

duh NOW you in hell for a bit you wanker.

Swasti-KEY to Universal MovEMEnt to the ocean of E motion


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