Railway linking N Korea, Russia to promote regional trade

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Russia has reopened a newly renovated 34-mile-long rail link with North Korea that runs from Russia's border town Khasan to the North's Rajin port. Moscow would export coal and import goods from South Korea and other Asian countries.

Russia's new face-lift for the line and ongoing construction of a container terminal in Rajin, hub of North Korea's Rason Special Economic Zone, are part of a 2001 Moscow-Pyongyang deal.

On Sunday... Russian and North Korean officials ... celebrated the opening of the new railway line linking their nations.

In the past few years, Rason has started to develop... experts say... thanks to investments from China and Russia... And though there's no sign yet the commercial freedoms here will be allowed throughout the rest of the North in the near future... Rason's revitalization might be the best sign yet the prospect of economic development interests Pyongyang's leaders.

With the new railway and container terminal... a project worth 283 million dollars... expected to work within two years at a capacity of 4 million metric tons per year... Pyongyang's clearly succeeding in drawing more foreign direct investment...

Analysts say now... as Beijing and Pyongyang enhance their bilateral ties... Moscow appears to be trying to reestablish diplomatic ties and influence in North Korea... which have weakened since the Soviet Union fell... by jointly developing Rajin port with the country...

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