Rain In Ca ? In July !

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PostTue Jun 28, 2011 6:23 pm » by Jasonjaxxson

Yeah.....weird stuff.

Check out this morning video from the " sun state " Ca.


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PostTue Jun 28, 2011 7:04 pm » by Truthinlies

noticed too that the sun made a "jump" since I see it goin down infront of my window daily. def goes down north-west now not west. and it had been west just a 2 weeks ago.

so if something shifted no catastrophy so far, why would be rain end of june/july a fact in regard of the end? its just a swing. also its std for climate zones to move, at least thats what I got told in school.

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PostTue Jun 28, 2011 7:08 pm » by Zer0

Yeah bro I was so pissed this morning, fucking rain knocked off my internet... :hell:
Had to entertain myself using books and shit... felt like a caveman.
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PostFri Jul 01, 2011 1:30 am » by Katsung47

674. Attempted plant case of Marijuana (6/39/2011)

In "663. IRS raid plot (4/3/2011)", I alleged Feds would make 4/17 the action day to perform the framed case. This was proved by a moderator who monitors the web site "stonerforum".

When I visit the "stonerforum" in later April, I surprised to find that in my user's name frame, I was attached with a label: "katsung47
FBI Case #0995029841"

In posting area, it comes:

http://www.stonerforums.com/lounge/worl ... post261947

The posting date was 4/17. Agents like to show off their power, especially to show off they knew everything in advance. (They like to play the role of the God.) They expected I would have disappeared in 4/17 action, so made such a show. Anyhow, 4/17 action was postponed like former other plans. The above notice becomes an open intimidation.

Of course, they wouldn't let such advertisement existed long. Two months later, on 6/18, I was banned from the Stonerforum. The notice said,

You have been banned for the following reason:
Done with the consipiracy theories, you have done nothing to contribute to the stoner side of this site. good bye
Date the ban will be lifted: Never

http://www.stonerforums.com/lounge/newt ... thread&f=3

I have no words for "conspiracy theories" because now in US people speaks truth used to be labeled with "conspiracy". Though ban conspiracy poster is still a rare thing. What's new for me is this time they revealed their purpose was to let me "contribute to the stoner side". I have no experience with Marijuana so I couldn't contribute any. I only reveal how the law enforcement agency to cultivate a drug society so they can make a living on it. Just like what the Feds created and maintain the Al Qaida and other terrorist group so they can keep on asking for more power and money from the people in the name of "war on terror". That is the reason they try to eliminate me.

On 6/28, there was an inexplicable rain in San Jose. June is a dry month for San Jose. The rain is rare.
Strange showers will not rain on your parade

By Mike Rosenberg 6/28/2011 San Jose Mercury News
How unusual is South Bay rain this time of year?

*It hasn't rained in the last week of June Since 2001.
*The current rainfall record for June 28 is a measly 0.02 inches, set in 1952.
*During June 2008, June 2009, June 2010, measurable rain fell just once total. "

"Record Setting storms

By Linda Goldston 6/29/2011 San Jose Mercury News

..... record rainfall drenched much of the Bay Area Tuesday, ..... giving San José and other cities the wettest June 28 on record. -0.52 inch by 5.pm. (the former record was 59 years ago -0.02 inches.)

For me, that strange rainfall is no strange at all. In my yard, I have five fruit trees. It's summer time. I water the trees but leave the other open yard alone. If Feds planted some Marijuana seeds there, a big rainfall would help the seeds to grow up. On 6/29, when I was surfing the Internet, a window popped up - a web of "Cannabis seeds". I have never seen this web before. Obviously it's the work of the surveillance cyber team. The inexplicable 6/28 rainfall and the odd "Cannabis seeds" web site of 6/29 may indicate the Feds are framing a new drug case.

Consider the Feds like to create terror attack on holiday, (remember how they created snow storm in London and New York last Christmas season?) it's no coincidence that six days away is 7/4. (May be six days is the time needed for Cannabis seeds to sprout?) Beware of a big terror attack on National Day.

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