Rainbow similar to before China and Chile quake seen over LA

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PostFri May 14, 2010 7:06 pm » by Boondox681

don't forget about our daily dose of killer tornadoes in the midwest.
it's happening right now.

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PostTue May 18, 2010 7:39 pm » by Anrk0207

nm156 wrote:
anrk0207 wrote:I keep having the same dream over and over about a major E.Q in San Francisco. been having it about a year now.it's a weird one because i live in Scotland and i never dream about E.Q and certainly never think about San Francisco.still it's just a dream.
my thoughts are that the people responsible for the worlds quakes are causing these and ripping up the earth to expose the world to more heat and raise the sea temperatures which = melting of more polar ice which leads to more land to go to war for and of course the rich oil fields but then again i might just have to much going on in my mind.
Another thought accrued to me is there any volcano's in the area?could be doing the same thing that's happening over here in Europe(wouldn't book any flights soon)with the Icelandic volcano? :think: :cheers:

Yes there are several volcanos in California, which have shown recent thermoactivity increases since the 7.2 in Mexicali. These also could awaken it's happened before so... The longer it takes for the Big One the worse it will be. How ever at this point in time it could happen tonight or tommorrow or in 30 years it just can not be predicted, yet. If it does happen soon the rainbow may proove to be the pre cursor in warning of a quake. If there are sightings of odd lights and orbs ( quake lights) in the sky tonight that would tell me to leave quick, or seek a strong sanctuary.

thanks nm156 be keeping an eye on the volcanoes :cheers:


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