Re: NIBIRU - Nasa X Ray Photo - Tail of the Dragon

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NIBIRU - Nasa X Ray Photo - Tail of the Dragon
I do try to reply on the message system but they never show up.. maybe I post too many characters.. dunno but anyways.. here's my reply to the video of the same name as the title of this thread.

Look pal… I have an open mind about 2012 and what might happen but this kind of unsubstantiated melodrama does nothing more than discredit the Nibiru myth.. maybe that's the point?
I'm pretty sure that whatever happens if anything leading up to 2012, it will be widely reported by amateur astronomers and disseminated on the internet with clear directions on how to locate and prove it long before it happens. That's just the nature of the times we live in and the technological ways we have of sharing information right now.
I think it's understood that there will be a lot of cranks selling books and videos during this time but it will only be real once an amateur astronomer can point and say.. look.. wtf is that.. then.. and ONLY then will this story have any weight so give it up please Mr Chaos of the Illuminatti… you have no jurisdiction here.. GTFO with you poorly written scripts... Nuf said :o
No offense to the poster btw.. I understand you are just sharing what you have come across and thank you for doing so. It's important to disclose everything, true or not so it can be debated here. Please jump in anyone with further information for or against. That's what this site is here for.

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PostSat Jun 07, 2008 1:09 am » by Snutz

I believe in the 2012 Nibiru story. I was only pointing out the flaws in his video =)

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