Reader Shares UFO / Alien Being Experiences

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DECEMBER 02, 2009

In December 1988, my father and I were on our farm feeding the animals a couple hundred yards from our house. We were walking along the road on our way back to the house when my father stopped, realizing he forgot to check on the cows. I went ahead as my father ran back to the barn. One or two minutes later, a neon orange oval craft popped up from a gully about 15 feet from me. The structure shimmered with a gaseous cloud enclosing the solid object. The structure could not have been smaller than 20 feet wide and may have been more than 25 feet. As it hovered above the road, I noticed round portholes in the side of the craft, though opaque from my angle. For three minutes the object hovered without making a sound. Then, just as sudden as it had appeared, it shot off through a patch of trees and vanished heading in a southwestern direction. I quickly fled the scene to share my experience with my parents.

After this experience, I was plagued by strange dreams of several boys and myself yelling as we ran from a UFO and jumped through a window. One night, in particular, I had my sleeping bag zipped up over my head out of fear from the experience. I felt as if something had reached in through the window and poked me through the sleeping bag. I couldn’t see what it was that terrorized me, but I think it was related to my previous experience.

When I grew older I had more unusual experiences. In 1997, I witnessed a formation of colored lights near a relative’s house while driving. The objects were red, white, yellow, and green and were approximately 40 yards away from my vehicle.

It was the most recent encounter, however, that finally spurred me to share my experiences as it was too bizarre to keep to myself. While hunting with friends on a farm three miles from my house, I came across a creature standing in the woods. It was a 'being' three feet tall with white skin, black almond shaped eyes with no whites, a small nose, and very thin lips. To my amazement, the 'being' looked almost human and was wearing a green camouflage hunting cap. My hunting buddies were turned away from it at the time, so I was the only one of us that witnessed the 'being' before it vanished. I think this 'being' may have been some sort of human-alien hybrid, but cannot explain why it was wearing a hunting cap.

Image is just a representation of UFO sighting

NOTE: I received this a few days ago. The witness, who lives in rural New York state, wants to remain anonymous at the present time but told me that he would possibly contact me later. If you have an interesting experience that you have questions about and/or want to share, please email me at ==> :mrcool: ... trial.html

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