Real Intrade v Fake Dow Jones markets: "loser" "Obama" 99.6%

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PostWed Nov 07, 2012 6:36 am » by Mattmarriott

Real Market Intrade has Obama at 99.6% although RMoney wíll be "elected" by voting machines
"Election" Day: INTRADE: 93% Chance For Obama

Last Prophet replies as chances rise to 99.6% (1):
Reminder: intrade is one of the last real markets.
The problem is that real markets have been reduced to near 0, the latest since small investors were anihilated at the stock market, during the first years of this millenium. (2)

(1) ... tId=743474
Now just under 99% but link has 99.6% screenshot a few minutes ago:

(2) The King of Fake Markets was recomputed first by Last Prophet ... arithmetic
For the record: ... dexed.html

Reminder, as media around the world announces that "Obama" won:
WILLARD toupee RMoney will be "elected" with more than 60 million votes 45 th president, although like McCain, he gets in fact less than 5 million people to vote for him.
[An act prepared by "results" announced first as a technical draw.]
Same script as "Panama canal born" John McCain, except that the remake has this role not in the loser but in the winner role.
But what happens immediately after?

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PostWed Nov 07, 2012 3:27 pm » by Mattmarriott

Illuminati once again postponed the official start of the supervised ethnic civil war, having "Obama" "reelected" with so far 59,600,000 against 59,300,000 "votes" for RMoney.
But this time, unlike the last time they changed the "election" script in 2008, they do not postpone it for years but only for days.
Each day now "Obama" will detonate, including "Obama" acting again as "Bin Laden in an Afghanistan cave" video to prove that "Obama" lied about "Osama"s death.
One of the detonations of the day is staging a crash in the fake Dow Jones "market" (1) within 10 minutes, as it will open.

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