Real Sprituality: How to get out of the soul trap

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PostTue Oct 29, 2013 3:04 pm » by SamueltheLion

Let's get straight to it shall we?

A lot of spirituality and spiritual talk and spiritual people are shunned, dismissed, disqualified and out right laughed at, if not hated, because of their hooey, wishy washy, nonsense, gobbledygook talk which never really amounts to anything practical, or tangible, manifesting and changing in life, for a lot of people, it just looks like hocus pocus, and leaves them wondering, well "so what shall i actually do" now.

What If I told you, that spirituality is actually just living life, regular life, more intensely, more truly, more devotedly, and that what is commonly known as "spirituality" is false and pretense?

That the practices involved, except for the absolute essence, are for the most part false, pompous, and a very large curtain covering a very small window? It's all about the FAITH and BELIEFE in the doing and the thing, and not about the thing and the doing itself!

What if I told you you are the master of your own life? And If you are a fool, then you are still a master; a foolish master.

Well, I'm telling you.

Spirituality is SPIRIT IN ACTION, and knowledge of spirit is how to keep it active, finding a way to overcome challenges and old patterns. It is not anything else, so remote, so "out there" so "illusive", as i used to believe. It is not something to indulge in or use as an escapist tactic from life, Why? Because this is your LIFE we're talking about!

In this recent video by Tobias Lars, he talks about how the 2 party "divide and conquer" reality which has been set up by the Luciferic (energy draining) manipulating consciousness, operates by baiting you into conflict and finally converting you into a self-hating, energy stealing vampire yourself.
You see it the world over, and we, the masses, fall for it. McDonalds vs. burger king, vote Tory instead of Labor, Democrats and Conservatives, Black instead of white, and so on and so forth. Satan, the devil, the fallen angels are masters at their craft and very cunning, not to mention real, but they do everything by proxy, by "the hidden hand", managing companies which manage companies which... manage media.

What does it all boil down to?

"Misery loves company" is the saying, and the manipulators of this fallen world try their best to lure innocent, unsuspecting people into their traps. The trap of repeating yourself, wasting your time, losing your energy, vital essence and spark, for nothing more than "material trinkets". Titles. Things, in short.

So, let's get into it shall we? What happens, when the dark side implants their hooks in you, and you finally decide "I want out"? I don't want to drink anymore, I don't want to do any drugs, I don't want to treat myself or other people badly, with violence, or anything like that. Well, what happens is, their hooks are still in you! So when you try to move around with 7 fishhooks tied into your body, moving around is going to cause you a lot of pain. If you try to live your life without first dealing with the darkness and removing it from yourself, can you really honestly expect success? But let's collectively look at our behaviour and see that: WE ARE! We do! Expect it, and run around in circles. We need to remove the darkness and then re-establish our selves. Ask god to help you, and work with god, the source, energy, life, not against it.

Well, here's the video, hope you enjoy it people,

Upload to

hope all's good with you.

and you find and allow the strength within you, as you wake up, to shake off the old and embrace the new, to let the past be the past, and the possible future one which you actually long to see come to pass.

Your faith will make you whole

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