REAL video of reptilian shapeshifting singer!!!!!!!!

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PostMon Oct 04, 2010 8:58 pm » by Troll2rocks

Soosh, we havent met, you will "no doubt" be hearing lots from me.
Censorship debunking & disinformation, it's all in a days work.

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PostSat Oct 09, 2010 7:28 am » by Soosh

Well, now that I've allowed enough time for the stench of that last piece of "humor" clear out of the room, I'll get on to the next big issue. Myself and Ron (my lover/fiancee!!!!) are going to be getting married soon. The laws are a bit too strict here about gay interspecies marriage, so we've decided to take a trip to the wedding chapel on Titan and tie the knot there! We're going to hop on board a class-3 Freggronian Leisure Craft for a twelve day trip to Titan. Our wedding is going to be a blowout! Ron is calling in some favors with his old reptilian friends and we're having the entire thing catered by Krrzzzkt's & Son's Bakery. They're galaxy-renowned, you know. Kwelk Feernisis, The Vice Chairman of The Galactic Federation Of Creamy Goodness will be attending, as well as his lovely wife M'rr'klek. My family has decided not to attend. My mother told me that nobody could go into space and called me crazy and my father stomped his pet goldfish to death out of pure anger. He kept shouting "What manner of God would give me a son like this?" My sister told me that I had spinach in my teeth, but that's really not important. What's important is that I'm having my dream wedding to the hunk of my dreams on the moon of a far off planet, and none of you get to come! That's right, not a one! You have all been TOO MEAN and made me cry TOO MANY TIMES!!! I hope you're all happy at what happens when you're mean to smart people! Now I get to meet Kwelk Feernisis, and what do you all get to do? Eat cheetos and go on the message board, that's what.


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PostSat Oct 09, 2010 7:40 am » by Sengine

terrible, i made it all of 10 seconds

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PostSat Oct 09, 2010 8:22 am » by Poisonshot

hey guys, please upload telekinesis videos onto the telekinesis section. anyone?

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PostSun Oct 10, 2010 3:28 am » by Soosh

poisonshot wrote:hey guys, please upload telekinesis videos onto the telekinesis section. anyone?

Poisonshot is speaking in Reptoid code. This message board is under intense scrutiny by the reptilian cyber-lords. If you see videos of Regis Filbin to start popping up in the videos section, it means they have full control over the website and can literally send signals through the internet to cause your computer to explode.



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