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I was looking for the new British Olympic Uniform and I found this rant against Britain from some American website, all over the colour Red. What the hell has a uniform for the 2012 Olympics got to do with the American War of Independence.
When you consider that Britain is now a society consisting of peoples from all over the commonwealth, plus people from eastern and western Europe, I would suggest that most people under the age of, say 30, here have absolutely no knowledge of the American war of Independence. Why is this guy so hung up on it?

Great Britain Pissed At Designer For Their Olympics Uniforms Because There Isn’t Enough Red Which Increases Probability for Victory

Guardian - Stella McCartney may have disadvantaged Team GB by failing to include more red in their outfits for London 2012. The designs – based around a deconstructed Union flag – drew a mixed reaction after they were unveiled at the Tower of London on Thursday, but were criticised by a leading sports psychologist as well as an academic who has done extensive research on the impact of uniform colour on athlete performance. Professor Robert Barton, along with his university of Durham colleague Dr Russell Hill, co-authored a report in 2005 that showed that wearing the colour red consistently increased athletes’ probability of victory. “Obviously she has designed these from a fashion point of view and was not taking into account the possible effects that might have on performance,” said Barton of the uniforms, which are predominantly blue and white, and in most cases feature only a red trim around the collar. “Given there’s an obvious justification for [including more red] and given the effects that we and other scientists have found, it does seem like a mistake.”

Oh yeah Red totally dominates. Especially when it comes to Great Britain. Umm does somebody want to grab Professor Barton Great Britain’s leading sports psychologist a history book?

Awkwaarrddd. Then again I guess if I got shit stomped off an entire continent I’d erase it from my memory too. Just delve into my work researching color probabilities on spandex jumpsuits. I mean is this what it’s like to live in a non-superpower secondary scrub country? You resort to things like psychological surveys to determine what color in your uniform will increase your probability to win games? Christ this is depressing. Keep doing your thing Great Britain. Get all your scientists working on this one. We’ll just keep having independence and churning out world class athletes and shoving gold medals down your throat. ... -victory/#
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Thank you to whatever Mod sorted that one out for me!

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