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PostThu Jul 19, 2012 10:29 am » by Helios

I have decided after looking at the pieces of my life around me to abandon my adventure, as thrilling as it seemed it was probably an impossible dream, instead ive decided to do my best for those around me, educate people, and volunteering and training in youth work, I believe I have a lot to show and teach and want to put those skills to some use. All this conspiracy stuff made me very ill and genuinely became someone I wasnt comfortable with but that is all over now. During this great dark time Im going to shine my light to the world in rebellion, and continue to broaden my horizons.

Im going to try (if my mind lets me) to actually post something useful on this beautiful site and have also turned to music as a release for my inner angst and emotions, which im enjoying. I know many people probably couldnt give two shits about my life, but I find it comforting to have you all hear it none-the-less, I announce my total return to the forums and look forward to communicating with yourselves once again:)

Ive also rediscovered a love for my country, especially this year as ive gathered how important we are in coming times. I look at the world today and all the hate shown in their countries, America, Middle-East and everywhere else and then I looked at our country the United Kingdom and after seeing the olympic relay and Jubilee found how much we are all still so united behind our Queen and the unfailing love and balance we wield. After all we are a truly fair nation in honesty.

as we approach this unknowing end of the year I find such darkness to approach, but if we can all use our inner light to defend us, unite in love and brotherhood then only the best can surely come.

Truth is our conciousness.
Let me take the waves out of the ocean
Let me take the stars down from the sky
Let me take the faith from your foundation
Let me take the wrong to make it right
Let me take away the dark like I’ve been here all night
Ending before I begin

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