Religion in other perspectives.

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 10:13 pm » by Mhillebregt

Hello all, before someone throws the grammar ball up, i'm dutch so don't be too harsh on the language, if u don't know what i'm saying just ask and i will explain it.

I want to see if we can somehow get some other perspectives on religion. IMHO all religions are wrong and right...depends on how you read it. Many people who are going to church to find jesus or god will never find him, no matter how hard you cry in church ( like u see in churches where the slam your head and drop backwards to get catched and find jesus...u know what i mean). That's just theatre, sure some have nasty experiences in live, but that doesn't make it true.

IMO all religions speak of exactly the same things, some is maybe real history, because i know that i'm not the all knowing one. But... some things u have to consider, like: Brainwashing, repeat something over and over again and u will believe it eventually, or closeminded ( dumb or stupid ), you read one or two books without further investigation on what things could mean and never look at anything else what others think or have to show u to maybe change your perspective on some issues. This goes for all information.
And there is a lot of info out there of what other people think, religious or not, that doesn't matter.
Some simple info that i think of is also out of old scriptures but also from all sciences.
Because i think that something that was that important to keep throughout the ages must have some real importance for all ages to come.

I have these questions all my life, that religious scripts mean much more than one thing.
Like some sayings from the past, as above so below.What happens in the microcosm happens in the macrocosm and so on. So how would you tranfer information that last throughout the ages. I would do it the same i think. Everybody can see a human from inside and out, so i would try to explain the workings of the universe in human stories, like jesus or mithra or mohammed.

I find it very difficult to explain what i think, because it's too broad to explain in such short time and words.
so i will leave some links to explain in some ways what i think is more towards truth.
Alot of things are coming to light in the internet age and people should use it for informing yourself on all subjects than u will see a bigger picture of what was, is or could be.

The basics of the universe that we know from modern science is that everything is energy and frequency or vibration. The only thing that could be stillness would be a blackhole or singularity. The faster the vibration in various things the hotter it gets, the lighter it gets. etc...

I am a information junky, i am on these topics everyday for atleast 4 hours for the last 15 years on the internet that is, not even counting the books i read before the internet.

Here is some things i found through the years that explain somethings i talk about and i really would like to see your perspectives on this topic or other topics that in your oppinion links to it.

Bill Donahue, for example... his youtube channel:

Upload to

Upload to

or Santos bonacci....his youtube channel:

Upload to

Upload to

Jon Whatley...his youtube channel:

Upload to

Upload to

The secret of the universe 2008 (coral castle)

Upload to

The new secret of the universe 2009

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Upload to

These are some channels that imo comes closed to the truth in some perspectives.

What's your perspective ........ :?:
" If you want to find the truth, throw everything you know out of your mind and start over. "

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 10:22 pm » by Seriouscitizen

Embrase the cliché,. that's what i've liked to say the last few days. There is some basic truth in myths and cliché's i guess. I like Graham Hancock his perspective on it.

You could try and embed the youtube videos by only pasting the last part of the link the part that seems random sngof121n - like, between the [youtube ] [/youtube ]. You understand?

Welcome b.t.w. havent seen your posts yet,. en groeten uit nederland natuurlijk ;) ! :flop:

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PostFri Oct 05, 2012 10:37 pm » by Mhillebregt

yeah i saw that so i adjusted it.... but thanks for your reaction and i hope we can come together on this ( Religion ) topic.. this goes for all humans, because imo it's not the religious scripts that make war but the people.

And if u can see what the so called elites are doing, it looks like they target the human brain.
Maybe this is why. On the youtube channels are much more videos that explain more, i especialy recommend Bill Donahue. I'm not saying everything is correct but it is someone who wants to learn and is open for suggestions just like me. We are all in a learning progress, or atleast we should be.

Thats why i also love david icke, he's controversial. Atleast he dares to speak his mind. He's maybe not right about everything but u get the idea of the bigger picture, because he also looks in every direction.
" If you want to find the truth, throw everything you know out of your mind and start over. "

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