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Remarkable UFO Stories

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PostTue Feb 28, 2012 1:07 am » by Mojomirosa

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Remarkable UFO Story – Lossiemouth (Scottish city)
Extraterrestrial contact in 1954
The wealthy Cedric Allingham (32) was trying to photograph birds near the Scottish city Lossiemouth on the18th of February 1954.
Shortly after his bird photographing, he noticed a high-flying shining object approaching our planet.
Allingham managed to photograph this object as it was landing.
A creature that looked just like a human being was standing in the entrance of this machine.
Allingham and the alien creature greeted each other by raising their hands and exchanging smiles. By using gestures and drawings, Allingham tried to communicate with this alien creature. By pointing at a drawing of our solar system, the alien creature showed that he was not from Venus, but from Mars.
The Martian signaled that he had to leave planet Earth again and he went back into his space vehicle after receiving Allingham's pen as a gift.
Later on, a fisherman by the name of James Duncan confirmed Allingham's story by writing his signature on Allingham's notebook.
Later on, he revoked this testimony under pressure of public accusations.

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PostTue Feb 28, 2012 1:41 am » by E6722maj

good stuff :flop:



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