reptilians are real ?!

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PostFri Aug 06, 2010 11:31 am » by Cyberelf

We dont need to prove anything about the existence of Reps...obviously the more enlightened know the truth....can lead a horse to water but u cant make it drink....

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PostFri Aug 06, 2010 11:58 am » by Iwanci

Naught, I agree with your comments to a point. I too have many beliefs, could there be a race of lizards living alongside ours? Yes, why not? My questioning comes when people say that they have morphed into high society, very powerful people like the queen etc… That’s my only gripe with the topic and that’s where I need proof. I also need to answer one basic question..why?

I do not need proof of anyone’s belief, a belief is a personal thing. If it could be proven it would be a fact not a belief. I ask for proof when people pass their beliefs as facts, that’s it.
Could an Alien race be reptilian? Could we have evolved from reptiles? Yes, why not? Imagine I said to you that we evolved from birds… trust me Naught because we have all seen a bird people portrayed in ancient texts, symbolism and pictures.. This is the truth… what would you say?? “fair enough?”.. or would you say.. “ok, possible, but show me some proof”…

If I said that it is ‘possible’ that we evolved from birds, told you it was opinion, showed you some theories and stated I was still not 100% certain, there would be no argument, because I have stated it is my opinion, or theory, or belief. You could try and prove me wrong, and that’s ok, we could then embark on a joint discussion about the topic. Present our cases etc etc.
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PostFri Aug 06, 2010 12:18 pm » by Canubis

in the emerald tablet it speaks of many races living around that once came to earth to dwel in its wisdom, but it also tells of worlds of men that achive sutch wisdom to create citys of gold with an image of ther mind and some worlds they created there own planet in this same manner the pyramids were raised
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PostFri Aug 06, 2010 1:48 pm » by Tertiusgaudens

Ivanci, your thoughts and words are so thrue and honest. Thank you for your posts. Very true and mature.
The case of getting knowledge is a strange one often pushing us into insanity. The gift of understanding seems as manifold as minds unfold as unfoldings of the almost infinite realm of being. The unfoldings of being as parts of being are countless in possibilities and real acts thus to say all knowledge is per se incomplete and itself an unfolding of being being limitated. So the business of knowing seems an eternal process of incomplete progress in an incomplete net of different unfoldings of different minds which itself are trapped in the incompleteness of a thing called perception - reality difference: there is always a difference between perception and reality, for it needs interpretation which itself is an unfolding of being and so ad infinitum... The case is, the line between insanity and knowledge as tool of understanding is more than narrow thus giving reason to create both universities - as propagators of knowledge - and nuthouses - as try to stop so called insanity. Indeed, the line between wisdon and insanity is narrow and utmost contemporary dependent... So, my dear, stay cool if you can and understand the strangeness of an unfolding being in which all that is and can be possible is part of thus revealing al least a mind's constraint within the soup of everything...
For almost 30 years I work with students and have often thought I'd go insane. There are opinions and statements far beyond every imagination. Far beyond every scientific reglementation and proof...
But this is possible, and it belongs to the possibilities of the unfolding being which has created a whole universe as we call it universe... It demands humility, sometimes sharpness and severity, sometimes being calm...
Stay cool, my dear and go on with your insights. Recently I read again Sophocles's Antigone, a masterpiece from ancient times. A king's daughter is acting against the law by her love to his dead brother. Very interesting, very deep. Read the story. Here I give you the final sentence of the piece holding a great insight which moves me:

(As Creon is being conducted into the house, the Chorus Leader speaks the closing verses.)

[1347] Wisdom is provided as the chief part of happiness, and our dealings with the gods must be in no way unholy. The great words of arrogant men have to make repayment with great blows, and in old age teach wisdom.

Go on, my dear!
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PostSun Aug 08, 2010 8:50 am » by Iwanci

tertiusgaudens I understand and agree with your statements. I am totally cool, calm and collected. It may seem that I am frustrated at times, I can assure you however that it takes a lot more to frustrate me that people disagreeing. There are many factors that influence our thinking, we are all conditioned to so many different degrees, each day, each experience, each breath takes us that one step further from being and thinking the same. This is the challenge that we face when we are trying to be a ‘collective’ with collective reasoning but our understandings are forever ‘unfolding’ in so many different ways.

The line between sanity and insanity is a very fine one, the line between reality and fantasy is equally fine and it takes a strong mind to stay on the right side.

The problem with ‘conspiracy’ theories is that there is so much information to process that the average person lacks the time to adequately cover it all. I often think of what they teach us at school for example. In 10 years from year 1 to year 10 we learn something called ‘history’. We spend around 1 hour a day studying this subject, that equates to 5 hours a week = approximately 43 total days over the entire 10 year period. We then walk away with this thing called ‘knowledge’. What have we really learned? It took millions of years for mankind to reach this point in time, we squeeze it into 43 days max and think we have it covered. It is no wonder there are so many theories, so much confusion and so many different opinions about the subject. If we look at other subjects the story is very similar. My calculations are very crude and I do not take into account people that study subjects all their lives, but even so, how much can you really learn about our millions of historical years in one life time? We will never have it all covered. When you add to this the fact that we are creating history every moment of our lives, the task is endless. How many of us could tell what happened around the globe yesterday, even at a macro level the task is impossible and that is just ‘yesterday’.

My pint is simply this, when we have ‘hard’ proof (eg, skeletal evidence, pictures, videos, live interviews, real material etc) it is easier to dispel myth and call reality (still can be disputed however), when we have zero proof the task becomes a lot more complicated and draws nearer to fantasy. Even if people could decipher ancient texts, what they would read would be a minute part of the period in which it was written, let alone the fact that we will never likely know the context in which it was written. Translation is however not merely a function of transposing one word from one language to another, as we all should know meanings vary according to language, don’t believe me? Try listening to a joke in say French, then translate it verbatim in English and see if you get a laugh.

My point is simple, let’s look at the available material, let’s have the discussions and let’s come up with more meaningful theories. By doing this we show that we are structuring coherent and meaningful arguments, we question, we open up honest and frank discussions, we are capable of accepting opposing opinions, and we generally are seen to be ‘sane’ in our reasoning, all this could potentially attract more qualified people to our cause, then we are on our way to discovery. Only 10 years ago you would be laughed out of town for believing in UFO’s, with so many more qualified and professional people joining the debate UFO’s have become more widely accepted and people are coming out in their thousands to bear witness, this is what unraveling the ‘mysteries’ and disclosure is all about.


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