Response to NASA Video "Elenin normal at this time"

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 8:32 am » by Chronicnerd

This is the video I am a bit puzzled over. He starts out talking about Elenin and how there is nothing to worry about. I happen to concur with him based on the data released. So, as I am listening it is all talk about things we have talked about here. Coma size, tail size, no brown dwarf, no nibiru, all pretty standard stuff that I went "check, check, check, check"...until I got to his conclusion.

"...there is no danger in 2012. I am sorry people get upset by it, but believe me there are plenty of real problems on the Earth and they don't come from the sky."

His conclusion was lumping all of the "conspiracies" together. Since we all know comet Elenin will be long gone come the expected "max" of the solar maximum in 2012...we can only assume he is saying there is nothing to worry about in 2012.

I paused... and thought... "now wait a minute...didn't I just read an article and see like a dozen videos on prime time television from Nasa officials, the NOAA, and countless other ~trusted~ sources that says the exact opposite of what he just said?"

So danger in 2012...except:

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Hmmm... that is odd...
There was another one I saw:

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Wow... now wait a minute... two sources saying around 2012 the Sun (that same thing the "Nasa Official" was pointing up towards and saying "<the threats> don't come from the sky". Then we have the above two videos...but what about the report?

Huh... that was in 2006...and they started talking about it in 2009...three years later.. and there are tons of videos from ABC, MSNBC, FOX, CNN, BBC, and the list goes on and on...that all say "2012 Solar Storms could be a big issue".

So, now I sit here...and ponder... this "NASA official" tells everyone that Elenin is no threat...don't worry about it... and oh 2012 threat...nothing from the sky above...

Uh...really? Now it makes me wonder if he is just that Naive about what he is saying (which scares me because if he is oblivious to the fact that he basically is contradicting what NASA has been saying in their press releases as well as over all major news media since around 2009...which then I beg to ask if he is oblivious to this...what else is he missing?)
He is just not telling the truth at all... we got a guy who either has no clue that what he said at the end of that video (scary) or he is just reading from a prompter from what someone else wrote and told him to read (scary too).

Because...I am sorry...they are saying there is a 2012 threat all over their site...and he pretty much is acting like "don't worry about it...nothing to see here...".

If NASA's numbers are right...then I 100% agree with his Elenin statement...but since he is contradicting himself about 2012...and saying "Elenin poses no threat"...maybe he is omitting something about Elenin just the same as he is omitting their solar flare warning for 2012...

Which then got me to thinking I should post this video one more time:

The asteroid of concern would be 2004 YU55...

So...perhaps Elenin is "no threat"...but that YU55 is a threat due to how it passes within the tail of Elenin prior to "just missing Earth". If the tail pushes YU55, then it could change its orbit...and that could impact.

I dunno...just struck me as odd that he is saying everything is kittens and cake...and then you go look at their site and they are like "Back up your data! We made a mistake on the solar maximum and expect it to be rough in 2012."

He obviously isn't addressing this...and it was an Elenin specific video...however he does include "Nibiru", "Brown Dwarf", and of course the one that bothers me the most "2012 and no threat from the sky above"...

Which we all know is 100% false...

Strange indeed...

And then we have this happening too:

Galactic Plane Alignment...
JPL Orbit are "Highly Estimated"..."Making a guess on where it is"... He mentions "YU55"... "Underground Shelters"...

And we have some old guy contradicting himself as an official "don't worry video" from NASA... and then we have this guy talking most of the points I have been hovering well as NASA's family warning plan...

But don't worry...nothing to worry about...

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 9:33 am » by Painfulhead

is he talking to kids? not the smartest sounding rep.
"nibiru is a fictional planet that does not exist" thats a dubble negative....?

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 9:53 am » by Tjahzi

why tze flying fuck would Nasa get involved with the conspiracy crackpot world?

didn't know all of us crackpots had so much influence to get a statement from nasa :p

Techblog =>

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 10:38 am » by Pitchke

Nasa was founded by Nazi scientists...

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 12:26 pm » by Cosmine

old tv program about mayan calender say 2011 not 2012? :headscratch:

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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 7:56 pm » by Chronicnerd

painfulhead wrote:is he talking to kids? not the smartest sounding rep.
"nibiru is a fictional planet that does not exist" thats a dubble negative....?

Well, that is an easy mistake to make... claiming that something fictional doesn't an obvious statement as well reinforcement of the concept.

Really, from most astro-physicists around the world, most of them are in agreement that Elenin poses no threat...

The big issue that I have is when he says the is nothing to worry about in 2012 and if you just hop on over to their site from the above links posted or just watch any media source that has covered the 2012 solar flare will quickly come to the conclusion of one of the two things:

1.) All of the media around the world is sending out bogus information about 2012...but if you believe that...and actually read the articles about the solar activity or listen to the 2010 NOAA meeting where the chief NOAA scientist admits that solar activity will be increasing... well...then I got some land to sell you! :)
2.) This "NASA official" is actually the front for a government "propaganda" machine to create conflicting stories on what is to come in an attempt to keep people "peaceful" and "arguing" about whether something will or will not happen.

It could be he was talking in reference to just Elenin...but again...why bring up 2012 when Elenin, according to JPL Oribt, will be long gone by then?

Just things that make you go...


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PostMon Aug 22, 2011 8:48 pm » by Chronicnerd

Going to throw this in here too: ... st-claims/

So... yet official says "No threat from the sky" and another release from NASA says aliens could attack humans to "end global warming"...

Which is yet *another* issue I have with all of this...
The Fox News article quoting yet another "NASA Official" is basically blaming Humans on global warming, and from this they deduce that an alien race might attack humans to stop global warming...

Of course, that is what they are telling the "main stream media"...I am beginning to think that no one double checks the sources and their "official" stance on things.
Well we have this article from NASA: ... iance.html
Ok...increase in Sun activity could cause global warming...huh...interesting...

Oh and this one:

And this one: ... 075236.htm

Of course... these are all based on numbers from awhile back... and they didn't really think about the whole Polar Shift thing that is happening...

Upload to

Which then leads me to this article: ... 34971.html

Which means the radiation is less likely to stay contained due to the pole's shifting is causing larger "holes" in the magnetic field and more radiation can leave (as well get in).

What did we learn from all of this?

Uhmmm... they are releasing information that is very contradictory...they are contradicting themselves...which could be due to lack of oversight...lack of communication within its many divisions...individual research grants keeping "smart people" working...that end up contradicting current or previous statements...or it could be that all of this is intentional.

Either case, I am really beginning to wonder what the heck is going on over there?

Releasing an "Emergency Preparedness" email to their employees...
Releasing an "Official Response to Elenin" and including additional conflicting information...
Releasing information that says "don't worry about Solar Maximum" and then 3 years out of 2012 they say "woops...we is going to be big!"

There is so much back and fourth and opinions that contradict with their very own opinions...

They need someone to manage their press releases better...or something...because this is becoming almost embarrassing to their programs.


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PostTue Aug 23, 2011 12:27 pm » by Cosmine

Chronicnerd wrote:1.) All of the media around the world is sending out bogus information about 2012.

To illustrate my point let me tell you what i witness last fall...We were delivering some furniture downtown montreal,there were a tracfic jam on sherbrooke street in the heart of downtown,when we slowly passing by at the foot of a skyscraper i could see about 12 police cars,couple of firemans trucks,ambulances,a few 100's peoples watching behind the yellow bands and 3 white plastic sheets whit what i presume to be bodys under...and no movie crew.
guess what?At night and the day after,nothing in the newspaper or on tv.
National security i guess might the reason of that media blackout. :headscratch:

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PostTue Aug 23, 2011 12:59 pm » by Vrildox

:rtft: Hi, I'm from the Government an I am here to help, please stay calm their is nothing to see. HA! :nails:

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