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PostThu Sep 22, 2011 9:57 pm » by Kaarmaa

Earthquakes, floods, erupting volcanos, comets and meteorites : natural disasters, things that people are very afraid of.
The end of humanity.
I cannot understand why people are so freaked out.
We are not immortal.
Of course, I don't want to die tomorrow.
But this is how it goes, We die. For many different reasons.
It's ok for me to get angry if a human being dies because of another human being.
But natural disasters should be seen as simple fatality.
Most of the people believe in a god who promises them beatiful things once they are dead. Shouldn't they be looking forward to death instead of being afraid of it?
If a comet hits the earth and you pass away with, as last memory, an amzaing firework of light and colours,wouldn't that be a great story to tell the angels who are waiting for you?
And the people that believe in reincarnation, shouldn't they be looking forward their new life?
I'd rather be hit by a comet than by a drunk driver.
Don't tell me that you love humanity so much that you fear for the rest of the world.
They'll be fine. Or not.
The fact is that there are more births than deaths every day.
I don't know if the these numbers are accurate but i give them a chance :

It only takes a few survivors to repopulate the world. There is going to be some big hughing, isn't that positif?
We don't fear for the rest of the world. All that matters to ourselfs is our self. But we don't admit it. Because it's selfish. And selfish is bad.
Everybody is talking about spirituality, how we have to connect to the vibrations of the univers, spreading our love because it's as powerful as microwaves and that what really matters is our soul or spirit which is completely detached from our physical body.
So why care about the body?
Because we are afraid of the suffering and pain before death?
It will last only a few moments in case of natural disaster.
Why don't we just let nature do what nature does best : all the things that we barely have a clue of.
Let's give the futur a chance. The dinosaurs disappeared : we came up.
Let's see what's next.
Enjoy the moment.
And rest in peace.

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