Revelation's '7 Seals' revealed - beyond Einstein theories

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I first made some big scientific-religious discoveries and self-published a booklet detailing them in 1998. I thought that it was so important that on February 27, I hand-delivered a copy to the White House - East Gate Guardhouse (it was Chelsea Clinton's Birthday). After returning home, I sold a few copies and gave some away, and then put in on the shelf and forgot about it. Then 9/11/01 happened! In the drumbeat to war with Saddam Hussein that followed, I realized that George Walker Bush Jr. was lying about the reasons for the War In Iraq. Besides those interested in the oil that they had been unable to profit from, the Christian fundamentalists saw it as the "destruction of Babylon" prophesied in The Revelation Chapters 14, 16, 17, & 18. In other words, many Christian leaders saw this war as an opportunity to help the Christ to return! On Sun. June 15, 2003, there was even a 60 Minutes segment on this including an interview with Jerry Falwell, "Now all the signs of The Revelation have taken place – Christ will reappear!"

I reread the Bible's last book and realized that the "book/scroll" referred to in Rev 5:1-10:10 was my booklet! Wow!! I've always had a close relationship with God/nature where things happen in direct response to my thoughts and actions. (I'm willing to prove this to any scientist, religious leader, or government leader!) I dusted off my booklet and began tweaking it so as to have the "7 seals" - 'beyond Einstein theories' - on the cover. In January 2002, I had the "book/scroll" 'finished' and called the White House (202-456-1414) on ~Feb. 1 and told the receptionist, "I need to speak to a Secret Service Agent regarding a matter of great national and international importance!" Eventually, an agent came on the line. "Hello, Special Agent. I’m Brad Watson from Miami, FL and I've produced the 'book/scroll' referred to in The Revelation 5:1-10:10 with the '7 seals' on the cover. I'm coming to Washington DC in two weeks to distribute some copies of it to the President, Vice President, maybe some members of Congress, some DC religious leaders, and some university professors. When I get there, it will snow alot!" (I figured I'd put God on the spot since I was hanging my bols out there. Every weatherman will tell you that you can’t predict the weather two weeks in advance – too much chaos theory feedback.) The SA asked me for my flight info and hotel reservations.

When I arrived at Ronald(6 letters) Wilson(6) Reagan(6) National Airport, I was immediately greeted by three representatives from the US State Department including the Chief of Diplomatic Security – Chuck Hunter (I still have his card). I gave them a copy of the booklet and told them I would be tweaking it while in DC and would also give them an updated copy before leaving. I then informed them, "It's going to snow alot while I'm here." It started snowing the next day and didn't stop! It was such a blizzard that President's Day Weekend that practically everything had to be closed – including Mt. Vernon. Even Bush Jr. had to make a long, miserable drive back from Camp David.

I've tweaked the booklet quite a bit since and even formally presented three of the 'beyond Einstein scientific theories' in a poster entitled Identifying ‘True Earth-like Planets’ – All New Worlds Are Built On 7_4 (like Earth) Or 6_4 at the NASA Conference Missions for Exoplanets 2010-2020 held in Pasadena, CA on April 21-23, 2009,

Note: I wrote this on Microsoft Word using alot of superscripts and subscripts to express the math that doesn't transfer well to this format. Multiple-spaces also don't transfer.

This is today's tweaked version of the cover of the "book/scroll" referred to in The Revelation 5:1-10:10. These 'beyond Einstein theories' are the "7 seals" revealed. The title page artwork of the solar eclipse meeting the lunar eclipse, forming a vesica pieces, and 7 + 4 stars w/ Venus in transit against a scroll in the sky is not featured here...

There Are No Coincidences (Coin4c1idences7,88)

There is synchronism. Everything evolves by natural laws, is (w)holē40 and mathematically interwoven. All things are related, some more closely than others. Everything that happens affects everything else. Every†hing has meaning in the ‘Grand Scheme’ of God/Fod’s universes. Anytime an idea19* is connect59/74ed to natur74e, it’s not only logical59 – it was inevitable, i.e. sacred geometry…

The Big Bang (supermassive white hole) 13.7 billion years ago was the result of a supermassive black hole in another universe. This duality combines these two singularities that are linked in a birth-death relationship within The Conglomerate of universes. This 'simple' cause-and-effect explains the existence of both infinite space and infinite time (eternity). Self-replication is the simplest design for everything from a cell to a universe to a mind.

GOD(3)=7_4 ... god=good=gooooooood=G-d=7_4, 7/4=July 4th
Simple674 English774 Gematria874**
Royal Cubits74 = 7 palms x 4 fingers, Standard Cubits = 6p x 4f = 17.76"
Jesus74 born 4/17/6 BC or 17/4/747 AUC, crucified 7/4/782
FOD(3)=6_4 ... fod= food= fooooooood= F-d=6_4
Genesis 6:4, Juan46 1:1 - Fod is The Creator/Founder of ‘Planet Nestor’
Venus .7 AU & Mercury .4 AU, lunar phases 7.4 days, etc. Nestor’s inner planets at .6 & .4 AU, lunar phases 6.4 days, etc., hence F6od4 Identifying 'True Earth-like Planets' - All New Worlds Are Built On 7_4 (like Earth) Or 6_4

ligh† is not the fas†es† thing in The Conglomerate (ui) – †hough† is: it defies linear time
gamma rays, quasars, antimatter, negative energy, & helium 3 are not the most energetic things in the ui – thought is
Y h w/ h? ... thought=h2c² ... new thought=t²h2up
G7od4=†he33 1 Mind40=universal quantum computer=12t h i u i p i
(universes [u}, infinite [i}, hydrogen [h], speed of light [c], time [t], pain/pleasure [p])

Metonic cycle of 19 tropical years = 6,940 days = 235 synodic months = 254 sidereal months. Nutation: Moon’s 18.6 year cycle (US coastlines mapped every 18.6 y). 2 eclipse seasons are 18.6 days shy of a year. Earth orbits Sun at 18.6 mps w/ an orbital diameter of 186,000,000 miles, speed of light=186,282 mps, solar flares take ~19 hrs to reach Earth. Rā19, King Tut died at 18 or 19. Jewish calendar’s 19 y cycle, A1d4a1m13=19, Eve in Hebrew=19, S19 (She, Serpent/Snake/Satan, Smart, Sex, Sin). Jesus’ 18._ ‘lost years’, 12 male + 7 female disciples (12/7), Cana19, Mt 19:19, Josephus’ **Jewish74 Antiquities 18.63 refers to Y'shua74, Messiah74, & Christians. Knights Templar 1119. ~18.6 years after Benjamin Franklin died - Abraham Lincoln born (Franklin’s Anti-Slavery Bill 2/12/1790)^, Antietam 1862.71, 1863: slaves freed & “In God We Trust” added to US coins, Civil War won 7/4/1863 (1863.51, 18:63:51≈7:04pm), Lady4 Freedom7 placed atop Capitol7 Dome4. White House complex covers 18.5 acres or 7.4 hectares, 19 WH 18'6" Xmas Trees. Albert Einstein in 1919: relativity proven during eclipse, receives Kaluza’s 5 dimension theory, associates w/ Zion64ists. ~18.6 mil Jews before Holocaust. 1,863 y between destruction of Herod’s Temple & Hitler 1933. 747s takeoff at ~186 mph, Space Shuttle Columbia’s cabin began to disintegrate at 18.6 mach. AI doubles capacity every 18._ months. DNA19, *idea19, egg19. Flight 19 7:04pm^^, Flight 191 » 1 World Trade Center186 » 19 9/11 hijackers » “Over Hellfire are 19 angels” – Qur’an 74:30. Golf’s R&A19 & 19th Hole. QB19. PC19. FL18/FLA19, 7/4=185th/186th day. 186 countries in International Monetary Fund. Sputnik 185 lbs, Apollo 18 & Soyuz 19 docked in orbit, adulthood: 18.5 years, 18-wheelers carry a spare. FM19. Do19. Jah19. Lg19.
^t 9/1/09 22:50 Dow -186. ^^t 12/19/05 12:19 Chalk’s seaplane crashes after takeoff from Watson Island (Miami). Built in ’47, the plane was 58-y-o. 19 of 20 bodies found. 1st passenger deaths since Chalk’s began in 1919. King Tut Exhibit in Ft. Lauderdale.

unified string theory: 3D rs + 7D hs + 7a rt + 4a ht = 21 dimensions/aspects of spacetime
Nestor’s u21s19 theory: 3D rs + 6D hs + 6a rt + 4a ht = 19D/a st (incomplete, yet engineerable + 'separability') (dimensions [D], regular space [rs], hyperspace [hs], aspects [a], regular time [rt], hypertime [ht])

E=mc² ... Conglomeratal Energy74 eternal = light2 x mass of infinite universes
CEe=God=2 Christmases ... God=CEe=mass x infinite Christs
CEe = 5mass ×/+ 8time = 40/13masstime ... God=40/13mt
Conglomeratal Energies eternal = infinite universes × 10 senses × 6 mass × 9 time
gods e = 6m ui 10s 9t

Theory & 21 Principles of Reincarnation includes 10 ways to track a soul + scientific laws of energy, information, & consciousness can’t be destroyed, only transferred. Life (like all matter & energy) is both waves & particles.
"Survival of the fittest" assures that human souls that help the global system will return as human.
Luck 100 = karma 5 × [desire 4 + actions 4 + ability 4 + contribution 4 + blessings 4]
(Ben Franklin → Abe Lincoln → Albert Einstein, G. Washington → Robert E. Lee → Dwight Eisenhower, Marilyn Monroe → Janet Jackson)

- Richard ‘Brad’shaw Wa†son II

“You are to contemplate the intellectual faculties and to trace them in their development through the paths of nature and science even to the throne of G7od4 Himself.” – Masonic774 oath444

t 1/9/10 19:10 Earthquake hits Eureka, CA after writing: 1/20/09 12:30 Obama’s oath botched t 12/21/10 3:16 lunar eclipse on solstice t 2/12/11 14:12

Note: Non-coincidental synchronic reaction... 3/4/11 10:47 I'm watching I Dream Of Jeannie w/ Barbara(7) Eden(4) on TV Land. Tony74 Nelson64 (Larry74 Hagman) fails his eye test64 when he can't see the small print. I AM having the same problem and should go see my optometrist. Episode #2 "I want you to read this book and follow the need a little discipline." "You either behave or you'll have to get out of here!" "I want you to memorize that book."
- Brad Watson, Miami
author of There Are No Coincidences - the "book/scroll" prophesied in The Revelation 5:1-10:10

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