RING OF POWER (Full 5 hour Documentary) One Video

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PostThu Sep 22, 2011 9:12 pm » by Ohioleda

A must watch to KNOW what is truth...

Upload to Disclose.tv

"DIVIDE AND CONQUER" Pressure from above (Unjust Laws), Pressure from below (racial religious tensions), all to eviscerate the middle class (productive people); Into demanding their own enslavement (Patriot Act).

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PostFri Sep 23, 2011 4:52 pm » by Jovicevic

For all my life i live in the country where films like this one represents truth or political (ideological earlier) point of view, no matter what. Such garbage, porn like editing of false accusations, anti-facts, lacking of knowledge (on purpose) about elementary procedures, ill minded mixing, wishful thinking of who, what and how something (9 /11 tragedy in this case) is master opus of special breed of "large than life" and smaller than honest mind journalists, in their way of been careless about consequences very alike terrorist. Not guilty as bomb-squad of beastly fundamentalists but wrong enough for turning their head from real life facts and going far from truth as it could be. Believe me or not in this "documentary" as is some more of them I seen over the the years, (one could take a look anytime- there are tons of films like this done just in era of Slobodan Milosevic, here in Serbia, not to get deeper in time in days of communist hardliners) principles and techniques, ideas and presumptions, absolute absence of facts on the count of ad-hoc network of ghost pictures, fabricated in order to stand for "real truth" build out of lying and half truths, lies, in layers, stuffed one upon another, were the very same and used for one purpose only. to put the blame where they think it should be - not to explain the catastrophe or to see it's roots or main elements. No real target is viewer ready to be deceived and blinded by the explosion of "facts" but nothing more than flood of false documents with spurious accuracy designed to shake and infatuate anyone who had some doubts (which is very legitimate even necessary, if we wanna live in world with responsibilities of all kinds). So five hours of junk is another way to simulate "mountain of evidence" against whoever U want - just strike, when accusation is more than fantastic, even better it will be easier for people to swallow - history of media in communist and dictatorial regimes showing it so clear. But in America, in situation where some political or independent mind, even in media, should be found?

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