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We all know just how dead and lifeless Mars is because we've been told often enough to almost believe it, right? NASA denies there is any form of life on that planet with the possible existence of some as of yet undiscovered microbes, yet prints thousands of photos with many of them showing more life than we have down here at times. Why is that ?

Really, we have disclosure now and have had it for many years so I think the reason for the two-sided attitude is to "protect us" from the shock of finding out last how strange and varied some of that Martian and Moon life really is. When we finally see a clear photo of a real live Moon Goon and the gigantic androids they have, we will shake in our boots. Now Mars on the other hand is to me, a freak show. Yeah I know, it's not polite to refer to some of the oddities that live there in that vein but if there ever was a sadder place to live than in that desolate wasteland I don't want to see it. At least in this photo they look peaceful but what do they eat if not each other?

Now I know it's very easy to see what looks like a face in a rock and then assume it's a living creature so unless I have see at least two of the same creatures before, I still call it a rock. ... 7ROM1.HTML or just google SOL 1347. You will need a magifying glass to see it all

oth ... Sorry, I can't post a link to save my life. Can anybody bring this up? thx

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PostMon Dec 27, 2010 12:56 pm » by Funnyman46

The webpage cannot be found

Got another link? Just copy the entire page address, we'll figure it out from there.
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PostMon Dec 27, 2010 1:23 pm » by Hayden

I think it's a fairly safe bet that NASA s missled us about the nature of all the planets, was it John Lear, who asked why no one had ever questioned how a parachute could survive in the 800 degree heat of Venus's atmosphere?Their experiments that had the Moon ring like a bell after they crashed the lunar module into it? Hope we learn the truth before too long! Things seem to get more strange by the hour these days :cheers:

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PostMon Dec 27, 2010 11:28 pm » by Gunzenbomz

Yeah too right, to many strange things have gone unnoticed by main stream media. Roll on a health TV debate on ufology!! more on LL..

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PostTue Dec 28, 2010 12:01 am » by Punjedi

Ok, I'm curious.

Sol 1347 from Opportunity Panorama lists 94 images, of which 8 are full frame EDR.

Is this the area you mean?

p.s. I have been building a case as well on the aspects of Martian Botany and how the "blueberry" mystery is actually taking some good strides. Plus, there is no need to zoom in or enhance anything. Thousands of pictures show this growth all over the planet and yet it's just blatantly ignored even though it's clear as a bell even from the low-res images.
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