Roles of imposter impersonating Putin" since late 2010

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Roles of imposter impersonating "Putin" since late 2010: from pioneer selling Black is White to detonating NOW as fake suicide bomber, like Obama

Shortly before the BIG BANG , roles of imposter playing "Putin" since late 2010 include:

1. Same role as the illuminati mass media, selling nothing but fakes and concealing the Truth. Examples of what fake Putin sells:
- fake wars: Assad alias ACIAd v USA administration;
- fake alliances: Free Syrian Army FSA and NATO. Illuminati continue to arm Assad not only by "Putin" but also via Maliki, the puppet installed in Iraq. A FSA repeated again September 12 2013: so far not one gun or one bullet came from NATO.
- illuminati puppets terrorizing the population: stating that Muslim Brotherhood is strong and Egypt is going towards civil war, after Morsi's fall;general

2. Same role as the IV Reich web of disinfo, pretending to expose while in fact advancing illuminati agendas. Examples of what fake Putin sells:
- fake truthers, all CIA/NSA psy-ops: Snowden, Assange and staged leaks: Wikileaks & Co;
- fake illuminati resisters: Iran gov and Assad, all in fact illuminati puppets terrorizing the population.
- fake heroes and fake wars: Hamas resisting in Gaza strip the evil government of Israel.
Reality: Hamas terrorists shelling Israeli civilians are sponsored by the illuminati. Hamas is in the same boat as the post-1974 treasonous governments of Israel, all part of the illuminati agenda "Destruction of Israel".

3. Role of officially doing what US/EU are not officially doing.
- supporting illuminati enemies who are in fact illuminati puppets: arming Assad.

4. Pioneer role for propagating "black as white", what if not from the beginning then at some later point will become the official story of all illuminati media, after previously having served nothing but fake "news" and hidden ALL the Truth:
- Syria: the rebels not Assad used chemical weapons.

5. Role of destroying Russia from the inside finishing the job of the economic hit men known as the "reformers" of the nineties (Gaider & Co) before angelic Putin became prime minister in July 1999.

6. Fake Putin's role of destroying Russia from the inside is completed as he plays his ultimate role, which is "coincidentally" the same as fake identity "Barack Hussein Obama II": fake suicide bomber.
"Putin" detonates to let another illuminati agent, Navalny, more openly finish the job, starting with the "privatization" of the economy, alias transfer of russian national wealth to the illuiminati safes.
In other words:the same that happened in all EU states.

September 11, 2013:
The illuminati morning bombs:
- the usual false flag at Benghazi;
- real attacks against the enemy, the patriotic government of Egypt, destroying the building of the Foreign Ministry, just days after the failed murder attempt against the Interior Minister, again using the Muslim Brotherhood agents.
Hours later they drop another bomb:
{the illuminati imposter impersonating] Putin orders missile defense shipment to Iran ... ense-ship/

Recognition of the REAL (1999-2009) and the *** FAKE *** (since late 2010) VLADIMIR PUTIN - End Times Reductionism
From August 1999 to 2010 Last Prophet was the only one to recognize what Vladimir Putin was: ANGELIC (1).
Now ... -ship/Last Prophet is the only one to recognize that an imposter impersonates Vladimir Putin (2), although any child is able to do it as well.

(1) Google God's angelic warriors Putin's+a ... iors+Putin

(2) "Putin" jails oppositor Navalny and one day later "rebellious Russian Navalny is free and a hero" = Israel's gov exchanges one israeli soldier for thousands of terrorists = "Pope" pays "billions of dollars" to "victims of pedo catholic clergy"
Fake Putin = every leader after Golda Meir 1974 & Pius XII 1959 = illuminati actors destroying Russia, Israel, Catholic Church.
Actor playing fake identity Barack Hussein Obama II and imposter impersonating Putin since late 2010 share more than the unprecedented situation of two fake identities as head of the USA and Russia.
They are NOW also both detonating as fake suicide bombers.
Almost all of Last Prophet's words at godlikeproductions don't survive more than a few hours or days. if no more available check the archived page at ... 349449/pg1


exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet
The SUPPRESSED TRUTH, deleted a few times at, a forum managed by the illuminati web of disinfo.

Armageddon: Illuminati greatest coup: angelic VLADIMIR PUTIN and wife killed and replaced with doubles
Coup executed by illuminati agents, lead by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
When was Putin replaced by the imposter?
End Times Reductionism: just to mention tha few features; when the eyes turned asian, cephalic index increased, forehead wrinkle lines and the voice changed.

angelic Vladimir Putin:
listen at the same time other videos of fake Putin to compare pace and voices.


2002 interview:
The real Putin could speak german fluently.
- 0:13 to 0:36 - part of Putin’s 2001 speech at the German Parliament.
Note the eyes (watch in HD, starting at 1:00):

June 5, 2003

December 23, 2004
start at 4:00

December 21, 2006
start at 4:00

Videos mixing the real and the fake Putin
Putin spricht Deutsch (Ausschnitte aus "Ich, Putin - Ein Porträt")
The real Putin could speak german fluently.
- 1:50 to 2:32: part of Putin’s 2001 at the German Parliament.
2012: Suggesting that the imposter is indeed Putin:
Fake Putin speaks broken german, while he propagates "black is white":
- 0:18 to 0:57: Broken german, Russia must fear NATO because it wants to occupy Russia is rewritten as West is afraid of Russia.
- 2:54: a lot of laughing but just a few words in german.

imposter impersonating Vladimir Putin, an illuminati actor:
16 december 2010 - legends in english
Television channels Rossiya and Rossiya 24 and radio stations Mayak and Vesti FM have started broadcasting the annual Q&A session, "A Conversation with Vladimir Putin, Continued".
17:00 "principles of Islam than Catholicism"
"Some theorists argue that Orthodoxy is in fact even closer to the principles of Islam than to Catholicism.
I would not like to assess how close this statement is to reality."
These (most important) religions (on Russian soil: Orthodoxy and Islam) have coexisted for centuries. In these 450 years they have developed a "communication culture".

Reading this illuminati joke in a transcript would be all it takes to expose the imposter. No need to see the face or hear the voice of the imposter.

2011: Suggesting that the imposter is indeed a Judo 6th Dan.
One year after this poorly staged video (for obvious reasons):
... the illuminati joke is upscaled:
"2012: International Judo Federation has promoted Russian President Vladimir Putin to 8th Dan grade" ...

Greatest theater act: imposter "crying" after elected

2013/04/25 Direct Line with "Vladimir Putin" 25.04.2013 HQ
4 hours 47 minutes

A poster replies:
"I just used the facial recognition software in my mind and have not confirmed this theory".

Last Prophet replies:
I bet that on the other hand your facial recognition software will also tell you that these are NOT the same people
- "Gary Condit" alias "ambassador Chris Stevens".
- "Mitt Romney" alias Richard Jenkins.
- "Sir Patrick Stewart" alias "Sir Ian McKellen" alias "Dr Ron Paul" alias ....

In all these cases the same actor uses his own voice in the different roles he plays.
In the case of impersonations, like the imposter playing Putin, the voice alone also exposes the imposter.

Original article exposing worldwide first Illuminati´s greatest coup during Armageddon: ... 314096/pg1 ... 280552/pg1 ... id=3556101

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I just knew it. There is no way they are cheek implants. I hear he has had his ass bleached too.

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