Rubber cloaking device could make buildings Earthquake proof

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PostWed Feb 15, 2012 2:52 pm » by Abdul14

A 'cloaking device' could one day make skyscrapers 'invisible' - and immune - to earthquakes, researchers believe.

The technique would use pressurised rubber to direct the 'waves' of the earthquake around the building - and is based on research into cloaking devices that can make objects invisible.

The mathematicians at Manchester University say that the 'elastic waves' of earthquakes can be diverted 'round' an object in the same way as light waves in recent experiments.


'Earthquake proof' office blocks in Shinjuku, Tokyo: Scientists now believe that a new technique of applying pressurised rubber to structures could 'cloak' them, redirecting powerful waves such as those produced by an earthquake so they pass around it, avoiding serious damage
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