Ruler of the Rulers

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Ruler of the Rulers

(1) Russia and its control in Asia, Eastern Europe and parts of Africa. (2) China and its sphere of control in Asia, including India, Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. (3) The Western Hemisphere and Western Europe with the rulers of the United States being the dominating force in those areas.

However, the co-operation of these super powers is still mostly hidden from the view of the people of the world. But millions of Americans are beginning to suspect that the great words of criticisms and anger, which pass publicly between three governments, and which is so prominently displayed in the news media are really all part of a staged show for the people's consumption.

Many now suspect that the rulers of America only pretend enmity towards the rulers of Russia and China. And that the rulers of Russia only pretend enmity towards the rulers of China and the United States. For they are beginning to realize that there is no major activity by any of the three governments which are in anyway damaging to the rulers of the other two governments.

Although thousands, yes even millions of people die in so called wars between these super powers, such as Korea, Southeast Asia and now in several wars in Africa and South America. The ruling powers of these three major governments remain intact and grows ever stronger, but never weaker.

Think about it, although some seem to be at cross purposes with others and even carry on so called wars with each other in which their own people are killed the men who make up those ruling governments remain untouched. During Korea have you never wondered why, if America wanted to defeat the enemy, would it allow one of its greatest Generals to be sent home just because he was in the process of defeating the enemy? General Douglas MacArthur was not under the control of the American President while he served in Korea. He was under the control of the United Nations. And it was they who fired him and not President Harry S. Truman. He was fired because he broke the back of the North Korean Army when he launched the Inchon Harbor invasion. And he could have destroyed the invading Chinese Army with just one atomic bomb.

Oh one could say well we could not use the bomb because our men were too close to the blast area. Well tests were even then taking place in New Mexico with American troops much closer to the blast area than they would have been in Korea. The bomb would have saved thousands of American and other nationals soldiers, putting the Communist expansion plans back a hundred years and maybe more. Perhaps even destroying it one and for all.

Who was so powerful that they could control our military to such an extent that they could actually cost America thousands of its best men in a no win military action? Who kept our navy and air force from destroying the enemies war making potential and food supplies? That the United Nations rules over the United States would be obvious to the American people if they would only think about what has been told them by men in government. Even the various Presidents such as Truman and etc.

President Truman in 1951 after he announced the war in Korea and moved our American troops there, announced to the people of the United States that the United States was fighting a war (police action) under the orders of the United Nations.

When General MacArthur, other military leaders and several Congressmen called upon the President to carry the war into North Korea and defeat them and end the war. President Truman informed them and the people of America he could not do such a thing because he had to obey the mandates of the United Nations. That this was a "United Nations Police Action."

In other words the President of the United States was admitting that he had a ruler above him. A ruler that he was required to obey. And he admitted it, although most Americans did not understand nor realize just what he was admitting to. Twelve years later when President Johnson ordered several hundred thousand American teenagers to be shipped to South Vietnam, to begin a war there, he stated publicly that we, American troops, were going to South Vietnam to carry out the terms of the SETO Treaty. The full name of which was the Southeast Treaty Organization, a branch of the United Nations.

The American military was ordered to fight, to kill and be killed, but never to win under orders from the United Nations. Two hundred and fifty thousand American men were killed or maimed for life in Southeast Asia during that insane United Nations Controlled war. Who gave the orders that prevented them from winning, and in many cases, from even defending themselves unless they were fired upon by the enemy. Well most Americans believe that it was President Johnson and later President Nixon, but what was the original source of the orders: The United Nations, something that rules, quietly from behind the scenes, almost all of the nations of the world, in including our own.

Recently Americans were surprised to see their own government, or at least what they believed to be their own government, transfer American Territory, the Panama Canal Zone, to a Communist dominated foreign government; Panama. What they did not realize that the U.S. had not controlled the Panama Canal for many years. For if America had really controlled it during the Korean and the Vietnam Wars, would it have made sense that the American Government would have allowed cargo and war ships of their enemies to pass through it.

Yet, that is exactly what happened. Russian, English, French and others ships regularly passed through it carrying war supplies to the North Vietnamese Army to kill our American Men, during the Vietnam War. Not only that, the United States Government was ordered by the United Nations not to blockade the only sea port in North Vietnam, that being Haiphong. And the U.S. rulers obeyed those orders!

Scores of American Battleships and several Aircraft carriers sat out in the China Sea off Vietnam for eight long years during the war, prohibited by United Nations orders from firing a shot or interfering with Any ship bringing food and war materials to North Vietnam. Oh, they made a pretense of mining the harbor, but were soon forced to remove the mines by other orders from the United Nations. Several multi‑national gas and oil companies sold gas, diesel and other fuel along with munitions to both North Vietnam and the United States and delivered their products in time of war without interference from either side!

During the Vietnam war literally thousands of American ships docked in Saigon and at Da Nang, and at any one time from a dozen to a score of them would be in the harbors. Although the Viet Cong guerrillas had 120 MM Russian rockets, which they launched with regularity into the residential areas of Saigon and Da Nang, from the Mekong Delta; not once did those rockets strike any of the ships docked in the harbors of Saigon or Da Nang.

Not once did any of those rockets strike the hundreds of warehouses that were used to house the war supplies. Not once did those rockets strike any of the United States or South Vietnam Government buildings in Saigon, nor did they strike any of the Oil storage depots.

Those Russian made (and American taxpayers financed) Vietnamese rockets killed only American soldiers and South Vietnamese civilians. But the supplies to carry on the war had safe passage and safe storage afforded by both sides. Who was it that commanded the Viet Cong not to hit the ships in the Saigon or Da Nang harbors or docks, or any of the government buildings, nor any of the oil and gasoline storage depots? Was it the same ones who ordered the American forces to not strike the North Vietnamese harbor, docks, government buildings, nor any of the gasoline storage depots, nor any of the ships that were bringing war supplies to the enemy?

Who was it that commanded the American Air Force not to use the carpet and systematic bombing which proved so successful during World War II against the Germans? Who was it that commanded the American Air Force not to bomb the dams in the northern part of North Vietnam which would have destroyed completely the food supply for the Vietnamese Army and the North Vietnamese people, thus making it impossible for them to carry on the war, which would have saved countless American lives? Who was it that ordered the American Air Force to bomb the jungles and mountain sides which inflicted minimal casualties upon the enemy?

In ten years of warfare only one U.S. Government building was damaged, and that was during the Tiet Offensive, and by only 10 Viet Cong who were quickly rounded up and killed. Thousands of United States Government officials walked the streets of Saigon for ten years almost at will and the Viet Cong guerrillas left them strictly alone. During that same time the Viet Cong killed tens of thousands of American Troops. And this, almost unbelievable condition continued for almost ten years. Yet the mental condition of the American people, is such, even today, most of them do not realize that such a condition could exist only if the rulers of both sides had a prior agreement as to who or what could, and who or what could not be destroyed before the conflict was even begun.

Who was it that commanded to kill only U.S. soldiers and not U.S. Government officials? Was it the same power which prevented the American Air Force from bombing North Vietnam? Was it the same power which, even today, prevents America from protecting itself from the holocaust of a future war.

The news media which reflected the dead and wounded on our television screens every night, and pictures on the front page of our newspapers every day, of almost ten years of that war have very little time, if any, to depict or report upon the terrible butchery which the liberals of America caused to be inflicted upon the people of South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

They never, but never, showed pictures of people killed by the Communist butchers, but they wring their hands and cry out to high heaven whenever a Communist or some other enemy of America is killed, and depict it has a heinous crime against humanity, if an American happens to come out on top of a conflict with them.

It has been reported that almost 500,000 million Africans have been killed by the Communists and Cuban troops in Africa, and a picture of the deaths of these who have been murdered by them is almost never shown on an American Television, magazine or newspaper. But if an American or White South African happens to kill a Communist in defense of his life, family or property, it is in every newspaper, magazine and on every television set in America.

Russia, Cuba and China operate at will in Africa and what is the United Nations doing about it. Well a spokesman for the United Nations announced that they would impose an oil embargo upon South Africa, but not one single peep about any sanctions or embargoes upon Russia, Cuba or China.

The United Nations in its some 47 years of existence has yet to inflict a single incident or action that has resulted in a detrimental action against the rulers of the Communist Nations. Oh, there have been literally millions of people killed in so called anti-Communist conflicts, but there has been nothing that has happened that would interfere with the actions of the rulers of the Communist Nations at all. But, in fact, its every action has been against every country or government in the world that would not bow its knees before the great god of the Communists/Zionist/Jewish one worlders; The United Nations.

It is even now working day and night against the only nation left in the world who opposes its domination of the world and its countries, that country is South Africa. And American foreign policy is being directed toward that same end. To the overthrow of White South Africa, while ignoring and openly aiding Russia and China in their assault of the other nations of Africa.

The three parts of Mystery Babylon are operating in concert, and the cities of nations are falling, just as the verse said. And the islands and the mountains (nations) are disappearing. Is it possible; that there is more to the United Nations than we have been led to believe? But instead is a visible part of an otherwise invisible world government, which already controls almost every country and ruler on the earth.

The rest of this is just religious babble trying to connect the dots.
Ruler of the Rulers

"The greatest things on earth are us,supposedly.
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I opened this thread thinking that finally someone started a thread about me... :mrgreen:

oh well... :(

anyhow... politics may be seen by many as this mystical trade where diplomacy rules and the ability to 'convince' others is paramount to success...


Politics is a game of smoke and mirrors ONLY. It is one of the most Schizophrenic industries we can imagine... you 'show' you are repremanding someone, and then you stroke their ego behind closed doors.

Nothing new, nothing mystical... just the same antics of children, only in adulthood...

What is mostly surprising is that we (the sheeple) convince ourselves otherwise...
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The World IS a Stage.
The Masquerade.
Great Post, Rizzi

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