Russia says to load fuel in Iran reactor on Aug 21

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PostFri Aug 13, 2010 6:00 pm » by Oxize

mep630 wrote:All you weak minded idiots fall for this garbage propaganda, attacking Iran would be the worst thing for all of our lives, you all need to stop being retarded idiots.

It already started. Its a matter of time when they attack with full force. For the U.S. they are still a threat. They wont change their mind. You know how this game works. They did it with 9/11-Afganistan. Ifthe U.S. want war they get war, either under a false flag or with help from other stupid countries, including my own country which supports.

We the normal ppl which dont have the power to change the minds of corrupted governments can just sit an wait and seeing a war.

If we stand up, we get killed, and the authorities are telling us what to do. Look around the world what is happing every day.

I vote for a major worldwide natural disaster to wake up the ppl on earth.....


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