Russian Cover-Up of UFO?

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PostTue Mar 08, 2011 9:55 am » by Acee22

Recently, witnesses heard an explosion over Siberia. Russian experts are saying it was a meteor.

However one witness was able to capture a video of the UFO and, if genuine, it doesn't appear to be a meteor. The lights appear stationary in the sky. Also, the supposed meteor left no crater. Some believe that the Russian government might be engaging in a cover-up.

....A witness, Ms Saryan Nabulina, recalled that "I thought what I saw was a nuclear explosion, prior to this I did not believe in UFOs however now I do".

Controversy over this UFO sighting erupted shortly after the event as the Russian government went into what some saw as cover-up mode, declaring the object a meteor heading towards Earth.

One witness, Mr Ilya Saratov was outraged at this explanation. "I saw the lights, split up and then merge. They were multi-colored and blinking. No way is this sighting not connected to something more mysterious from the cosmos"....(source)


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PostTue Mar 08, 2011 10:39 am » by Redwoodrick

Very interesting :flop:
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