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PostSun Jul 22, 2012 2:00 pm » by Tjahzi

Today i saw an interview with the captain of a Russian navy sailship which has made port today somewhere in Belgium.

The ship is a training ship for Russian Navy cadettes.

In the interview with the captain the interviewer asked at one point why they train these cadettes on a sailship, the biggest and oldest still seafaring ship today.

There was something very strange about the captain when he replied. He started stuttering and mumbling in English with a Russian accent.

He said:

-Mmmaaybe greenpeace *grins*

-So it is erhm mmaaybe ... in the future *takes deep breath / shakes head*

-mumble mumble requirement is eurhm well... no gas.. how to to.. the evolution ( he then corrects himself ) no pollution.

I don't know why, but I got a funny feeling about that man. I think he knows something is up or atleast he's being told something will be up in the near future.

The footage will never reach the internet unfortunately due to it being stored in a database to which i have no acces to and i'd probably be fired if i tried to put it up here héhé.

Anyways, thought i'd share this with you guys.


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