Russian troops ordered into the US

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PostSun May 30, 2010 7:52 pm » by Purplepanther

Great video too, makes a little more sense. I don't know how you feel but I hate it when they use the term "exercise" because that can mean a lot of different things, just like our navy going to "exercise" with S. Korea. On the opposite end of this situation if it did come down to enforcing martial law, Russian troops would work better than American because most of them would deflect and the rest could be bought off with a carton of smokes and a twelve pack of our soft American T.P., no disrespect either way I just know it can be a rough ride in Russia, if they bring some of their vodka I'll throw the smokes in for nothing.

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PostSun May 30, 2010 8:02 pm » by jetxvii

concrete wrote:
jetxvii wrote:This happens all the time, it is cross training. and they participate in military shows..

there is nothing suspicious about this. the only thing for concern possibly is the article where it say nowhere in there how many troops are being deployed from Minnesota but yet they still say it is the largest since world war 2... that is a typical fear mongering tactic to the reader.

National Guard is being shipped out to the borders, and they make adjustments to fill positions where others are being shipped, overseas, to war, to different bases, in fact my father just engaged in a base move down to Texas..

the Russians are here with their equipment and brigades probably for security training....

I see nothing wrong with this other than the typical fear mongering that the article tries to describe by reaching out for stats that simply aren't there to support.

Thanks Jet.
For both the clarity and the conspiracy.


Just calling it as I see it, I don't know anyone's military background so I was just giving my 2 cents about what I know and how they operate.


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