Sanger Herald Ghost ( Video Footage)

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Look at the top at 42 Sec and at 48 Sec. The area was completely black. The light you see is the infrared light coming from the cctv camera pointed at the table and infrared light coming from the Sony hand held.
Sanger Paranormal Society
Our crew plus 3 psychics took over the building on a late Saturday night. We set up 4 infrared cameras connected to a 9 channel DVR. We also had a couple of Sony night vision hand held cameras with EMF detectors and Temperature meters. This was the first time these psychic had worked with us and they were as real as they get. These lady's were all related. Two sisters and a daughter where the whole family has the gift. They walked thru the facility giving us names and visions of what type of spirits were haunting the area. We wrote down everything and spoke to Dick Shepard, the Editor later that night. The only thing that Mr Shepard had told me before our investigation was about the incidents that the employee's were having such as shadows, clothes being touched and footsteps when no one was there. One vision that our psychic spoke about was a little boy that she calls Mathew who likes to crawl around in the room where they fold the paper. Dick was a little surprised when I told him about the little boy because he did not mention anything like that to me before. He also told me that a couple of ladies have said they think they have seen a little boy crawling on the floor. Our psychic also revealed several names such as Oscar, Daniel or a Manual and a big guy who wears suspenders who likes to stay in the back room. She also mentioned that their is one lady who stays in a office that belongs to a employee named Mike. After reviewing all the data, we did catch 2 EVP's which you can hear. One EVP has 3 breaths and the other one says "Leave my Room". We also captured a shadow moving in back of the printing presses. The facility was completely dark and the only light that you can see on the camera that captured the shadow was the infrared light coming off the Sony camera that I held all night long. For one of our crew members to have caused that shadow, they would have to walk in front of my camera and as you can see on the video, no one did. Also, the moving shadow was in back of the printing presses and looks like the shadow went thru the printing presses turning around and going back the same way where it came from. We looked at the other camera angles on the DVR and did not see anyone walking at the time of the shadow therefor debunking that theory.

That night was a very exciting night to say the least and I hope that they ask us back again real soon..Is this place Haunted......YES it is.......

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