Satanism = Brain washed fools

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Azznerak the Black wrote:Its much better to place your faith in a God that sends his Son to earth to be tortured after turning water into Wine. Or gives Senior Citizens a task of building a boat and then somehow placing every animal on Earth on board. Or creating man and women in a garden and then giving them intelligence so great that they get tricked by a snake after being told not to eat fruit that will make you smart. Or sending your angels to tell the women you impregnated that she is about to have a son.......

but you know, Satanism is for the brainwashed fools.

HA!!!! :lol:



Yeah thats right, and G*d is a wrinkly bearded old white dude, or 'Senior Heavenly Citizen', chillin on a cloud.. Feverishly trying to scribble down all the prayers being sent from down below.

Love how people like to ridicule while exemplifying a complete lack of understanding o/t subject matter.

You wear your boastful ignorance well. Guess those are some desirable traits in certain territories.
"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music"
"All our science measured against reality, is primitive and childlike - yet, in contemporary consensus, its the most precious thing we have"

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wow, I figured much more rage from all the satanic wannabe sell outs on this forum, I never expected so many to tuck tail and hide...



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If you help the Oppressors, eventually you and your family will be oppressed.

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PostFri Jan 25, 2013 3:53 pm » by Mep630

Lowsix wrote:This is what it looks like when crazy people
open their closet door and scream at their socks.


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PostFri Jan 25, 2013 4:43 pm » by Seriouscitizen

Azznerak and Otto,. If both god and satan are archetypes. In the mental point of view meaning they are the result of universal thought patterns. It doesnt proof anything about the realness of these energies on material or astral level. Especially since the colllective consciousness has put much conscious effort to cloud the original idea. The answer if these entities are real, is a matter of perception, but them being a result of our nature means they are important none the less.

Just like other charicaristics of human nature are important. Besides the duality of good and bad. There is also the middle wich combines these two into an infinite spectrum of feelings/emotions. Those thing that drive you. So wheter you know what you are doing or not isn't important because you judge it by your feelings. Generally speaking do you hear often that a person who is having an epiphany, that he or she is at the wrong time and on the wrong place? I think not, because we WANT to feel good right? So for that individual everything is right at that moment at that time.

Whatever a person wants to feel good or what he or she THINKS will make her or him feel good in the future is what drives him. It could be a hunger for connection and love but it could also be a hunger for power. The difference between the both is not the dark or light. It is the purity of the intention.

THe purity of the intention is how much your goal is close to a (subconscious) need for a feeling in the present. For example, if you strive for power, power is not a feeling it is a experience that TRIGGERS a feeling. The tought of being in a powerfull position often follows up by more hunger for more power. Power means dominating other peoples energy. But the experience itself doesnt contain much feeling, it contains mere thought. I dont know if it makes a intention dark or light, but in the context of 'purity' it is not pure. It is hard to define dark intentions by feelings, where on the other side 'pure intentions'' are basically feelings. Love, compassion, these things are pure intentions when your goals are that your action will result in these.

So what makes an inention unpure is when on a CONSCIOUS level you think that your intentions will result in an material outcome but the subconscious intension behind that visualised goal is also in the long run love and connection. Like when you strive for power because you will most likely become rich, but subsconsciously you want to be rich because you think that will result in reckognition and that on its turn will result in love.

So that just leads back to consciousness. And in my opinion as is all stated above. The duality of religions be either christianity or satanism cloud our possibility for a conscious mindset to experience our 'feelings' in a pure state. Because it sets intentions in extreme directions above or below from OUTSIDE of us. As if our feelings are being judged. I am pro thinking and I am pro feeling. I personally do think these satanist are making a 'mistake' being that by following their own intentions and desires they hurt those of others. Because they set opportunity for hatred and fear. But Christians do the same thing. I'm not saying consciously but the program of any religious beliefsystem in THE BIGGER picture does IMO.

This is all my opinion ofcoarse<<<


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