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What I know anyone can learn
What you know is irrevelant


three cardinal assumptions to look at prophecy ,
as it is meant to be read

that you must assume for the sake of argument
that prophecy is possible.

When you investigate it
you will try to test it for truth every time
no exceptions

When you come to an area you have no clue if its true
go back to the area's that you trust and statisticly reason
how high the percentage of truth you have found .
and rely upon that indiger marker untill you can find more
facts to filter your results.

starting with the tannach (books of moses #1,2,3,4,5)
casualy read not for comprehension just skimming.
Just get thru it, i know its mindnumbing. get the lay
of the land so to speak

now two books to read at the same time
one chapter isaiah one chapter daniel
both are prophetic the point is to understand in a
broken way how prophecy feels not its accuracy yet

you are looking to learn what is and is not a prophecy
what are mountains in prophecy, what are sea(S)
what is a rock, what is a imanuual why isnt emanuel
just like imanual, you dont need to scrutinize (from the latin
to inspect the scrotum) what your reading . you are becoming
comfortable with learning not judging. one who learns never
starts out judging and one who judges never starts learnING
judges complete learning and learners start listening.

by the time you getback to daniels dream in daniel chapter 2
you will find a prophecy for all of history for the source babylon
the intermediate babylon and the end babylon. so that you know
what a babylon is it will always be this in every age

head of babylon= gold=the kingdom of babylon
the chest and sholders of babylon=medio and persia=the breast of silver
the belly and thys of babylon =grecia
the legs of iron=the roman empire
the feet of iron mixed with clay= roman catholic empire
the stone= jesus =the rock hewn from the mountain without human hands
the mountain (speaks of mount Sinai=the mountain of god)

when talking propheticly these terms always remain the same in every prophecy
now you are speaking and reading and understanding prophecy

these are my cheats that you can
make heads and tails of what the big picture is

the catholic empire is who runs the world not the zionist
the zionist have infiltraited the catholic church
its called jesuits,
jesuits believe in johannist teachings, (pan worship=lucifer)

blue lodge masonary is not evil, scottish rite masonary is not-
blue lodge masonary, it is again zionist infiltration of masonary.
as is shriners . scotish rite masons follow teachings of albert pike
and italian manzini who taught lucifer worship

comes the learning
read 10 cammandments in either deuteronomy 5 or
eodus chapter 20

what is the prohibition against making any idol
no image of things on earth, in the sky or in the sea
what images are earth ,
this is the sun the moon and the stars of earth
And again
RA, Set, Isis
this is the sun,the moon and the stars of heaven
And again
Dagon 1 of 4 sons of anu , Baalat the wife of, baal the son of dagon
(the catholic version of this changes the meaning
calling baal sun of el (anu) and baals wife baalat and
in egypt
Baal was the power worshipped by the Canaanites as God. He is the bull god and is represented by a bull. He is half man and half bull, the god of fertility (the Sun God). In Egypt he was known as the Son of the Nile or Ra

it is very important to reconcile both sides story about
the sun
the moon (issis, baalat , magna mater (pre abraham female fertility cult)
the stars sons of the gods , the mystery religons

and they are always represented that way even to today
from the solar catholic dias to the islamic moon to the
twin pillars of zionism toped with the stars as in masonary

more to come, im eating :hugging:

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PostWed Feb 05, 2014 5:05 am » by OtheklzeR

Baal, Astarte and Molock
issis horeb and seb
if you unravel roman gods let me know

all these are the death cults as juxaposed with life cults

next you need a tool, a biblical software that is completly free
to anyone who is not christian
you will find the #1 searchable bible
at no spam no email and no Bovine Scat

once downloaded you have a search engine to search in one second
what a jewish scribe would need a month to do

search mountains , see every instance is historical records
and prophetic records

now stone, the stone the builders (of the temple) rejected

now babylon

these are all the fundamentals that will take you years to master
because without searching for yourself this is all just some words on a blog
on the internet.

getting the basics is just learning what is
is it the same in regular history
can the history be verified, YES,we got wiki

can the fundamental ideas be proven and do other good scholars who
are not part of the religous comercial bussness empire(RCBE) who agree
YES, These principals for the fundamentals of protestantism were uniform
among the protestant and annabaptist reformers of the protestant age.

here is another minor proof are there actively people from the RCBE that
are re writing history to hide this , YES, the futurists and the preterist schools started
by the jesuits who in the 16 and 17th century started schools to counter protestant

the next president to be elected will hire a secratary of state, and the first
stop for both of them is the vatican, as a mater of fact not only our american congress
must approve them but they must recieve papal blessings, they are after all the landlords
of the whole earth inspite of what ever goverment says or king.

if the pope says sadam should step down then if he dosent within a year (on average)
french or american troops will be there

you see a beast is a religous /ecconomic empire
europe is a beast, as a matter of fact its the first beast
in revelations (the book of prophecy that jesus dictate to john)
so say this with me
revelations is----THE BOOK OF JESUS
it says it is so, and it is or it aint but its not wishywashy

and the harlot church (woman =church/ harlot= woman
cheating on husband ((GOD)))
sits on first beast which is europe
which is roman catholic empire that came after rome fell
which came from rome
which came from greece
which came from persia
which came from babylon

which was all spoken about in daniel chapter 2
if you know how to read prophecy without a private
interpitation that you got from the bible and other sources
that back each other up, no matter what accredited jesuitical scholars say

see these are the basics
next post 101 semester 2 :hugging:

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