Science, the “cracks” really start to show now

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PostSat Apr 07, 2012 10:31 am » by Eltorito

Science, the “cracks” really start to show now

More and more people are just not convinced anymore what “conventional” Science tells us. :pray:

And the “cracks” really start to show now.

If we take Physics and quantum physics as example.

(This is an over simplification, but you will get the drift) :mrgreen:

A Nut and Bolt holding an offshore wind turbine down

will work by the same principle as a tiny Nut and Bolt inside your wrist watch, right?

Now you go and make that Nut and Bolt even smaller, and it does not work anymore.

The nut just can’t be tightened down.

Again, you go and make a new Nut and Bolt but without cutting a thread into them.

(still with me?) :lol:

Bingo, it works the Nut will tighten down perfectly.

If you ask the scientist why :headscratch:

he will tell you (behind closed doors)

“I don’t know, it is not supposed to do that”. :ugeek:


How can it be that we find rock formations where a 400 million year old layer sits above a 200 million year old layer?

“That is because of tectonic plates moving, one on top of the other”. :bullshit:

How can that be if we are @ 2000 miles away from the “edge” of the tectonic plate?

Gravity nonsense:

The idea about an “Electrical Cosmos” is gathering speed among open minded scientist.

If you look at

You may find a few clues that “Gravity” is not what it is supposed to be.

As for me,

I am rearranging my book shelf and put “Einstein” where it belongs.

Right next to the Brothers Grimm in the “Fairy tale” section. :mrgreen:

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PostSat Apr 07, 2012 1:29 pm » by Dagnamski

Study this crack! :shock:


I think there are a lot a discrepancies in science, I also believe physics is the least sound of all sciences.

Please refer to image above for answers :yell:
“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”


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PostSat Apr 07, 2012 5:44 pm » by Iceiceice

Science is theory but theory is not science.

According to yourself.

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PostSat Apr 07, 2012 5:46 pm » by Tuor10

dagnamski wrote:Study this crack! :shock:


I think there are a lot a discrepancies in science, I also believe physics is the least sound of all sciences.

Please refer to image above for answers :yell:

Fake butt.



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PostSat Apr 07, 2012 6:06 pm » by Knuckles

“Electrical Cosmos” you 'nut & bolt.' The human body runs on a bio electrical system. The (cardoid,) heart runs on an independent electrical system, void of the body system. Qaunti takes a different solution. But if you don't understand what you can see, how will you understand what you can't. You need to revise, before comment, unless your comments advance understanding, yours do not.

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PostSat Apr 07, 2012 10:09 pm » by Eltorito

Perhaps some found my example of the Nut and Bolt too simple?

Let’s get a little more advanced then.. :look:

Everyone has heard of Pulsars right?

A Pulsar is a star that is completely made up of Neutrons, just Neutrons nothing else.

An “average” Pulsar is @ 15 to 20 Km in diameter.

Now because of the high density of the Neutrons, a cube of 10 mm X 10 mm would weigh just short of one BILLION Tons!

Just to recapture;

We have a Star with @ 20 Km diameter where a tiny cube of material weight is @ 1 Billion metrical Tons.

Now all Neutrino Stars send out a Beam, much like a Light House Beam.

Now if we count the frequency of that Beam, we get a rotational speed of that Pulsar.

We all know that our good old earth rotates at 1 rotation per 24 hour/day, right? :flop:

Now that Neutrino star with approximately 6 – 8 times the total mass of our Sun rotates “apparently” with 300 rotations’ per SECOND! :shock:

That would mean a Pulsar “runs” at 18.000 RPM. :hmmm:

Once more:

We have a Star, having @ 6 -8 times the total mass of our Sun, rotating at 18000 rotations per Minute.

And is only “holding together” by “Gravity”? :scary:

How strong is gravity then?

Unfortunately not strong at all in comparison with magnetism as example.

Take a Ball bearing the size of a Marble.

You have the entire Planet Earth’s Gravity pulling it down, holding it on the floor.

Now take a small magnet, you will see that the magnetic force of even a tiny magnet

(in comparison to a planet like earth) is a Million times stronger.

Another tiny detail about Pulsars (Neutrino Starts) is;

We never really managed to put Neutrinos into a lump.

Why? Neutrinos repel each other like identical magnetic pols.

I get the feeling something is pulling my leg, and NO, it’s not Gravity.. :shooting:

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PostSun Apr 08, 2012 6:02 am » by Bandanko

Mate, seriously... do you have any kind of scientific background or are you about to fill in the gaps with stories about "a creator being"

Just because we can’t explain it doesn't mean it’s wrong. And just because we don’t know doesn't mean we should start making retarded theories to cover these gaps. We should do proper research and study the EVIDENCE

ALL of your above points are observations made in science. There are various theories to explain them; hell one may even be right.

Take your Neutron Star for example. You have a problem with something rotating in space at 18,000 rpm and you seem to have a problem with it weighing a billion tonnes. Can I ask why? Have you taken a look at the data? Have you reached your own conclusions or have you read one website and were suckered in? You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, if you did you would be hooking up with all these hot single ladies in your area that desperately want to meet you…

Black holes are about a centimetre (most commonly observed) across but they weigh about the same as a neutron star. So heavy in fact even light cannot escape…

You’re “understanding” of the quantum world is staggeringly weak. You think that making a nut and bolt on the quantum scale would prove science invalid? Have you read anything about building nano-machines? The motors they can now build on a molecular level? They just can’t power them ATM as they’ve not invented a power source small enough… YET.

There is a lot about quantum theory they don’t understand, hence its theory. 100% of all quantum physics experiments work in the lab, bet you didn’t know that either.

I see you failed to mention anything about, observing or measuring a reaction determines the outcome, nor have you mentioned anything about super-positioning, quantum entanglement and whole gamut of other theories out there. You gonna have a go at M theory next? That is the one where there are multiple universes for the Strings that make up everything can travel mate…

While yes you are correct in stating that you can overcome gravity of the Earth by simply lifting something, try pushing a planet of orbit…

Gravity has a greater effect on objects that have more mass. – There you go that one line proves how gravity keeps planets in orbit while letting you pick pebbles off of the ground, it just doesn’t show HOW it is done. The search for the elusive graviton goes on mate. You know CERN, LHC all that mad science that is happening under Switzerland and also in Fermi labs…

As for Einstein, did he ever say “I know everything and all my theories will never be disproven”? No in fact he would be happy as a pig in shit if he knew that some other clever person came along and proved him wrong. That is what science is like.

On a downside though, the mainstream scientists hate shit which upsets their standard model theory and jump up and down on anyone that tries to prove it wrong.

So in a nutshell, you don’t know shit about science; go read the big bible book of how the universe works…

Or watch this (part 1 of 12), it’s a start and has actual scientists in it…

Upload to

you need to quantify your statements mate, science already has... :flop:

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PostSun Apr 08, 2012 6:25 am » by Shagrath

I can tell you that 18,000 RPMs is wicked fast! Shit wants to come apart (on this planet), way before that speed! That is a serious centrifugal force for something you can hold in your hand.

Now imagine something huge spinning at that speed! The forces and possibilities given to us to digest "mathematically", are extreme to the Nth power. Most of this is mathematical theory.

To experience some of the math that is spewed, in reality is more than breathtaking. It is impossible, but yet, science says it is so because the numbers can't lie! :nope:

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PostSun Apr 08, 2012 6:45 am » by Bandanko

Pulsars exist QED, we know for a fact how fast they spin, we know that they all spin at different rates, giving rise to the “hey we can navigate by these in space” argument

Just because stuff flies apart on earth doesn't mean it will happen in the depths of space. I agree that something with the mass of a pulsar rotating at that speed tends to make my head spin (pun intended).

And the numbers are not that mind boggling mate, you ought to try getting your head around nasty infinity (that’s the infinite of the very small) Planck’s constant was invented by Max just to cope with such tiny, tiny, tiny numbers.

Numbers do lie, I can prove 0=1 and 1=0 :flop:

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PostSun Apr 08, 2012 7:06 am » by Shagrath

I have dealt with fractals and chaos theory for a long time. About 29 years of being a fan and thinking something can come of it. Hehe.

I just have a hard time with aspects of math (astrophysics) describing the universe when we are acquiring data from this tiny place called Earth. I always said that math can describe everything and predict a lot as well, but it is very fallible past the edge of our understanding.


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