Scientist Claims Proof Of Afterlife

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PostThu Feb 19, 2009 1:49 am » by Alexrubic

towelie wrote:The holographic process explains things like memory etc but not personality, theres nothing about the holographic theory that suggests an immortal soul, it seems like it suggests that there is no soul that lives on only the info(experiences) we have theres nothing to suggest that theres more that survives, infact due to things like personality disorders and personality changes that occur through brain damage, the suggestion is that conscious awareness is merely a part of the computing process, and therefore gone when the computing stops.

I was referring to what I posted rather than what you did. I'm not saying I am right and you are wrong - just that I gave an explanation to illustrate the point I made here!

I think we are dancing with pure semantics here - consciousness, personality, soul, spirit, etc. Everyone has a slightly different interpretation of those terms.

The upshot is I believe we are more than the mechanics of the brain and nervous system....they are the computer and not the software. If your hardware breaks down you may not get much sense out of the software but that does not mean the software, itself, is corrupted!
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