Secret data allegedly disclosed on 'visitors' from space

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found this this morning ... repare.php

Secret data allegedly disclosed on ‘visitors’ from space, government projects

by Steve Hammons

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Information was released to the public today about contact between the United States Government (USG) and visiting beings from outside our planet.

The sources of the data are alleged to be government insiders associated with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The information was released at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time through an e-mail stream list that includes many persons with scientific, military, intelligence and other backgrounds.

The new releases are alleged to be part of the process of “disclosure” about the decades-long discoveries, research and operations of the USG regarding contact with intelligent beings from other planets and star systems.

Types of visitors, history of contact with the human race and USG-sponsored research on advanced technology acquired through the visitors are parts of the new information.

A gradual, planned and appropriate release of this kind of sensitive information to the American and international public on these topics has reportedly been underway for many years. This most recent disclosure is alleged to be part of the program of a steady process of education on these kinds of subjects.

The complete verbatim report as sent on the e-mail stream has been posted on a well-known public Website,


According to sources cited in the new information, some of the terms for types of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth include the following:
• Ebens (from the Zeta Reticuli star system)
• Archquloids (no further details presented)
• Quadloids (no further details presented)
• Heplaloids (no further details presented)
• Trantaloids (no further details presented)

According to the information released, visitors have made contact with USG authorities by landing in the U.S. for meetings or providing some kind of direct communication on the following dates:
• April 1964 - Socorro, New Mexico (NM)
• April 1969 - White Sands, NM
• April 1971 - White Sands, NM
• April 1977 - White Sands, NM
• November 1983 - Unknown location, but believed to have been Kirtland Air Force Base, NM
• November 1990 - White Sands, NM
• November 1997 - Nevada Test Site
• November 1998 - Nevada Test Site
• November 1998 - Nevada Test Site
• November 1999 - Nevada Test Site
• November 2001 - Nevada Test Site

The next formal contact date of this kind by the types of visitors the USG has had the most contact with is alleged to be:
• November 2009 - Nevada Test Site

In the information released today, there was no further indication about informal visits to Earth, contact with individual average persons, the plans and agendas of the visitors, or other additional details of this kind.

The moderator of the e-mail stream did include, as background, information that has been previously made public about an alleged “Red Book” maintained by elements of the USG about visitor contact and the “Yellow Book” maintained by the visitors.

According to this background information, “’The Red Book’ is an extremely thick, very detailed account summary written and compiled by the U.S. Government on UFO investigations dating from 1947 to the present day. This orange-brownish book is updated every five years and also contains some cross-over information from ‘The Yellow Book.’"

The background also describes “The Yellow Book” as “the aliens’ history of our universe written by the aliens themselves as well as their interactions and involvement with Earth's development/evolution. It was brought to Earth and presented to the U.S. Government at the famous Holloman AFB [Air Force Base] landing in April 1964 by female [visitor, known as] EBE #2 which was also translated by her.”

According to the e-mail stream moderator, “Steven Spielberg's 1977 film, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND is based on the famous Holloman landing as well as the human-ET exchange depicted at the very end with 10 (ten) men and two (2) women who are shown embarking on the alien spacecraft.”

In recent public information releases starting in November 2005, it has been claimed the Spielberg’s film also dealt somewhat accurately with a USG-visitor exchange program called Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT.

This program reportedly involved selecting and training a team of U.S. military personnel for a planned 10-year stay on the home planet of the so-called Ebens in the Zeta Reticuli star system.

During the planning and implementation of the program, the effort was code-named Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT. Upon the return of the remainder of the U.S. team 12 years later, the code name was reportedly changed to Project SERPO.


One technology is the production of a substance called “Pentagen” (the fifth isotope of hydrogen) or “Hydrogen-5.”

According to the new information, government researchers have built facilities to research Pentagen. The complex process of understanding and utilizing Pentagen is described in some scientific detail in the information release.

Another technology discussed is an “unlimited power” energy device referred to as the “Crystal Rectangle (CR).” It is also allegedly referred to as the “Particle Vacuum Enhanced Energy Device.”

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Secret data allegedly disclosed on ‘visitors’ from space, government projects
Page 2

by Steve Hammons

It was reportedly retrieved in 1947 from a second crashed spacecraft found near Roswell, New Mexico.

Scientists made many efforts over subsequent decades to understand how the CR works. A detailed timeline of research operations into the CR from the late 1940s to 2002 is described in the information released.

The long-rumored USG efforts to comprehend and reproduce the technology of visitor flying air/spacecraft are also addressed in the new information. A “historical” timeline of such research is alleged to include:
• 1957: First attempt to test Roswell capture craft's propulsion system. Test was conducted in Area 8, Unit 3c.
• 1961: First attempt to fly repaired Roswell craft in Area 29, unit 1b.
• 1962: Radiation tests conducted on Roswell craft by Los Alamos in Area 18, unit 3Z.
• 1964: Explosion caused by experimental propulsion system placed in Roswell craft, Area 7, unit 19S.
• 1968: First successful flight of Roswell craft (with U.S. propulsion system; old nuclear propulsion system) Area 29, unit 1B.
• 1970: Explosion caused by the visitors’ propulsion system Area 25, unit 8B.

The information also details several USG-sponsored projects, contractors and locations dealing with research into aspects of visitor air/spacecraft technology and related matters.

Communication devices that allow U.S. personnel to have contact with the visitors at great distances are also described.

According to the accounts, this communication technology may direct “multiple frequencies in a particular direction. High speed sending system allows the beam to be propelled at an enormous speed.” This process may use chemical lasers in “pushing the communication beam.”

Additional alleged aspects of this technology include several frequencies “put together on a beam and propelled towards a target or receiver. The receiver then boosts the energy and re-sends the signal to another point.” A relay system of sorts may then convey the signal through deep space.


The new information also details government officials, scientists, military officers, elements of the USG and military, private contractors and others involved with the many aspects of this challenging situation over the decades.

In an effort to limit the scope of details of such information here, these will not be specifically listed. However, the list includes persons associated with some of the most prestigious universities in the U.S. Respected scientists, some well known and some not so famous are also noted for their involvement.

Divisions of major companies involved in projects from high-tech military and space equipment to televisions and cars are also reported to have been involved.

Major branches and operations of the U.S. military and various elements of the U.S. intelligence community are also noted.

Project code names for the many separate programs exploring different aspects of the visitor phenomena and technology are also included in the information release.


Over the past decades, many reports and rumors have made their way into the public arena about the so-called “Roswell Incident,” visitors from deep space, secret USG projects on UFOs and similar topics.

These accounts have made their way into books, movies, TV and even advertisements, T-shirts, toys, children’s cartoons, music videos and all types of media. The Internet is full of Web sites that explore these kinds of subjects too.

Separating fact from fiction and looking at the fear and fun of contact with extraterrestrial visitors is part of our lives in the 21st Century, whether we like it or not.

It is difficult to know how much of the information presented today or that which has surfaced in the past is accurate, somewhat truthful or mostly fiction.

The people who have reported information to the public about the Roswell crashes in 1947 and the activities that followed have often been credible military officers and others whose perspectives seem valid and authentic.

The complexity and significance of this kind of situation from 1947 until now probably cannot be underestimated, if true. As a result, it could be that some leaders concluded that Americans and the human race would best able to learn about these developments through slow and discreet methods of sharing this kind of information.

Maybe today’s information is another chapter in testing the intelligence of the American people and people around the world. Maybe it is an effort to take us to another level of understanding of ourselves, our activities on Earth and a future for the human race that is brighter, full of hope and brings us closer to comprehending the plans of our Creator.

For more information, please visit:

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PostTue Apr 14, 2009 8:03 pm » by 7hidden7agenda7

hmmm. "Crystal Rectangle" huh?
That caught my interest... Now we all know military types aren't the most imaginitive when it comes to naming stuff... so that probably exactly what it is, a rectangle of crystal that produces power.
That got me thinking. If I were to design a zero point energy deivce using crystal.. it would probably be allong the lines of discreet layers seperated by an insulating grid, sandwiched together. Needs to be nano tech. The chambers should be vacuum and approximated 5-6 atoms³ volume. When particles are spontaineously created by the quantum flux inside each chamber, the crystal structure becomes deformed and produces a peizoelectric charge, which could then be harnessed for power. It would look pretty much like a crytal rectangle... but hey, I don't have a sample to examine :look:
It then occured to me that stargate atlantis uses a nice big chunk of crytal and calls it a zero point module.... which may be more than coincidence .. :think:
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I couldn't find anything regarding this on the serpo website. It hasn't been updated since July 08
Seen it all before in the kindegardens of the Universe.
It would be quaint if it wasn't so damned scary.
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Great find (if it's true)
from that site I've thaken this:-

Release 30
ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS Crash Land During The DINOSAUR ERA of Earth's Distant Past!
(1 July 2008)

provides details on one of the MOST HIGHLY CLASSIFIED PROJECTS OF ALL


"Operation XXXXX XXXXX": A highly classified, sensitive operation with
far-reaching national security implications that took place in 1968. A
XXXXX archaeological team uncovered a large metallic object in a remote
area of southern XXXXX which is a close NATO ally of ours. The object
was believed to be an ALIEN SPACECRAFT that had crashed approximately
200 million years ago [200 MYA] according to the archaeological team.

The site subsequently was examined by a USAF Recovery Team, which then
put the age of the ALIEN CRAFT at approximately 150 million years ago
[150 MYA]. I don't think anyone can give an actual age of the site, but
it was somewhere between 150 and 200 MYA, based on the location of where
it was found.

Our scientists used the ABSOLUTE DATING METHOD employing decaying
radioactive isotopes. Sedimentary rock formations and the fact that the
object was EMBEDDED INTO THE ROCK were used to estimate the age of the

The ALIEN CRAFT itself was 45 feet in diameter. The craft was
transported to the State of XXXXX and then to the giant XXXXX lab
complex in XXXXX and opened. The ALIEN CRAFT contained two (2) highly
decomposed ALIEN BODIES and DECAYED ANIMALS, which were apparently
abducted by these ALIEN BEINGS. The animals were small DINOSAURS on
board the ALIEN CRAFT.

The craft was stored at XXXXX and years of intense research were
conducted. The last time I checked, the research team ruled OUT the
craft being of Eben origin. However, no one could tell where it came
from. The ALIEN BODIES were far too decomposed to be thoroughly
examined. They were about 5 feet tall and had very large, bulbous heads.
To the best of my knowledge, "Operation XXXXX XXXXX" is still an ongoing
project. I personally worked on the operation in the early '70s.

The instruments from the craft were interesting because they were made
of small crystal-like devices, wired together with a form of very fine
wire. The ALIEN PROPULSION SYSTEM contained a large chamber with what we
called "Rocks" (obviously some form of energy) in the chamber. Large
vents placed around the chamber vented some sort of power, radiation or
some form of tremendous energy generated through the vents and into the
propulsion chamber which enabled interstellar space travel.

Examination of the rocks found zinc, and several unknown materials and
alloys which we still cannot identify to this day. The "rocks" obviously
lost all of their energy over the years. They were NOT radioactive nor
did they contain any special properties. We could never power up the
ALIEN CRAFT in the nearly 40 years we've had possession of it.

We could NOT locate the actual power system and therefore could never
operate any of the equipment contained within the craft. However, we did
find a "Star Chart." The chart was created from outside of the Earth on
the ALIEN HOME WORLD. To this day, we have been UNable to read and
decipher the ALIEN STAR CHART. The star chart was of a deep area of
space, but our scientists haven't been able to find that specific area
of space.

Your analogy of our work on "Operation XXXXX XXXXX" and that of
transporting an SR-71 Blackbird back to the year 1200 AD was a good one:
If we returned 300 years later to the year 1500 AD, little, if anything,
could have been learned by our ancestors as to how the Blackbird worked.
In much the same way, the amazing, almost majic-like ALIEN TECHNOLOGY on
this craft has similarly stumped us; while some progress HAS been made
on it since 1968, it's been MINIMAL (partially due to the poor, degraded
condition of the ALIEN CRAFT).

Because this is an ongoing USG project, I ask that you place "X's" over
the critical names and locations [sent in a subsequent e-mail] though
you have the correct information. As a brief aside, you may share the
blacked out information with Dr XXXXX X XXXXX whose work on past
classified USG projects bestows a certain professional courtesy upon him
in that he deserves to know the particulars.

Victor, I agree with you that the existence of ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS who
had already achieved space traveling capabilities zipping around the
Milky Way Galaxy (and perhaps others) truly BOGGLES THE MIND. As you
wrote me, the Ebens were perhaps still in their "galactic diapers" when
these ALIEN BEINGS were already visiting other worlds ~150-200 MYA and
Homo Sapiens did not even exist!

One can only wonder and speculate where a civilization -- that had
already achieved interstellar space travel -- would be at TODAY
technologically from 150-200 MYA! How many star systems have they
visited by now? How many other alien civilizations have they made
successful contact and interacted with, and perhaps carry on some sort
of trade with? How many solar systems have they visited and mapped out
in our Milky Way Galaxy and perhaps those of OTHER galaxies?

One also has to consider the POSSIBILITY that rather than this crash
having occurred in OUR timeline of 150-200 MYA, these ALIEN BEINGS
traveled to Earth from the FUTURE to our distant PAST -- when DINOSAURS
ruled -- as part of a research mission ... THAT also BOGGLES the mind!

More to come....


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PostTue Apr 14, 2009 9:54 pm » by Indicadubman

Aswome site and plausable I have only touched the surface if whats there but IF its genuine then .................................... :alien: :o 8-) :clapper: :ohno: what can i say but I thought as much!
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PostWed Apr 15, 2009 3:30 pm » by Spliffffstar

Man, this is explosive stuff.

I all of this is true - hell, if even a minuscule fraction of it is - the lie we are being told has just gotten a whole lot bigger.

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