Secret FBI, CIA Doc´s Sex Tapes At Egypt secret police HQ

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PostWed Mar 09, 2011 2:22 am » by Disinfoagent007

This might be much better than anything from wikileaks...if we ever get to see it all :rtft:
I hope they don´t let wikileaks do the disclosure of the documents...!

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Secret FBI, CIA Documents and Sex Video Tapes Found At Egypt’s Terror Police Headquarters

This mountain of shredded paper taking over several rooms was found inside the Egyptian Secret Police's headquarters in Cairo last Saturday. About 2,500 angry demonstrators invaded the building in what Egyptians are now calling their Bastille Day, finding documents and tapes that may soon send shockwaves around the world.

View the gallery Inside the dark quarters of Mubarak's terror police, an enraged population liberated prisoners still in their isolation cells, which were no larger than phone booths. In the process, they found torture devices, mountains of shredded documents, dozens of computers stripped from their hard drives and a stash of video tapes showing famous people—from actors to politicians, both Egyptians and from other countries—having sex. The videos were recorded by the secret police in hotel rooms. Nobody knows who stars in them yet, but I'm sure we will know about it very soon.

The FBI and CIA connection
More worrying for the US government—unless they find some video of Hillary doing naughty things in her hotel room—are the FBI and CIA documents found in possesion of the Secret Police. They allegedly detail some of the collaboration between these agencies and Mubarak's secret terror force, which confirms some of the previous information published by Wikileaks.
Our friends found torture devices, sex films made for [sic] famous personalities. [...] The underground prison was hard to find at first but the people found them. Some were speaking about screams from the underground prison. The cells were found. Some people say they were locked electronically but they were opened. The detainees were released after being years in detention, one of them [was] released [after] 14 years [of imprisonment]! The detainees were allegedly blindfold and stayed in small cell without light!

The liberators obtained plenty of other material, including surveillance material on Mubarak's last days in Egypt.

None of these documents have been published yet, but they are probably going to be the source of quite a few scandals in Arab countries and abroad. Even the shredded material, which Wikileaks have offered to reconstruct in a recent tweet.

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PostWed Mar 09, 2011 2:28 am » by Redwoodrick

Great post..looking forward to further info :flop: :look:
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You think they would have burned it when they shredded it, I hope they get the docs together...and the sex tapes that will emerge!

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PostTue Oct 04, 2011 5:34 am » by Mediasorcerer

it may be a honey trap or bullshit ,never know,who leaves shit like that around usually?
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