Secret Space War: Marduk Lands in Africa

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PostSat Jul 06, 2013 10:44 pm » by Harbin

Occasionally a good rumor is entertaining as well as distracting from the often negative barrage of daily world news which is usually slanted to indicate the demise of populism which is far from true.

This article involves a story which I certainly hope turns out to be just a funny rumor. The problem is that the source for this story has very deep Intel connections and usually is right on the money.

And there are certain background details which create many more questions than they answer.

And it is these questions which seem quite remarkable in scope and themselves generate many more questions and raise new issues.

A very strange trip to Africa during the last week of June 2013 for the last three American Presidents.

In the June 18, 2013 issue of the Africa Review (Kenya, Africa), a very interesting story detailed expected intersecting visits of both former President Clinton and current President Obama to Senegal, Africa (1).

This alone has not received any suitable explanation other than the flimsy reason that they were there to commemorate the “Al Cia Duh” bombing at the US Embassy in Tanzania.

And believe it or not former President George W. Bush is alleged to also have arrived in Africa during this time period.


Former US President Bill Clinton is expected in Senegal hours before the arrival of the incumbent President Barack Obama, sources said. The leading Le Populair daily on Tuesday quoted American embassy sources hinting that the two statesmen could likely meet during their stay in Dakar.

The sources further said that President Obama was expected to extend his visit initially billed for 48 hours to 72 hours, beginning June 26.

Several sitting world leaders, including, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the late Pope Jean Paul II, have visited Senegal over the last decade and toured the famous slave dungeon on Goree Island.

This visit of three American Presidents to the continent of Africa during the same time period is unprecedented in history and would appear to require an extraordinary explanation which has not been forthcoming.

As if this story wasn’t already strange enough it gets even stranger, a story in CNN Politics on June 22, 2013 stated that President Obama and former President George Bush were to be on the African continent at the same time.

Obama flies Wednesday across the Atlantic for a trip that takes him to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania, marking his second visit to sub-Saharan Africa as president (He went to Ghana during his first term).

Meanwhile Bush, who’s made multiple visits to Africa since leaving office, leaves next week for Zambia, where he’s working with his global health initiative to renovate a clinic that will serve as a cervical cancer screening and treatment center, according to the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

While the 44th and 43rd president are not scheduled to meet up, first lady Michelle Obama will attend an event hosted in part by former first lady Laura Bush. The two will attend the African First Ladies Summit, put on by the George W. Bush Institute, in Tanzania on July 2, the final day of the Obamas’ trip.

Aid to Africa was a big part of the Bush administration’s foreign policy. The former president started the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, otherwise known as PEPFAR, during his tenure at the White House. Started in 2003, the program grew into a $50 billion program to combat AIDS around the globe through testing, counseling and medical treatment.(2)

President Obama changed his African trip schedule.

It was announced that President Obama changed his initial schedule to extend his stay from 48 to 72 hours in Senegal (3). No reason was given for this change.

The Washington Post noted another change with President Obama’s trip. It reported that his plans to participate in a Tanzanian safari were cancelled and changed to a visit to Robben Island, the place where Nelson Mandela was held for 18 of his 27 years as a political prisoner (4)(5).

As the story goes was reported that it was suggested that objections voiced over the use of special sniper rifles for use by President Obama to hunt large African animals with (and also for use by his special security detail). Was there a concern arising that this special protection team could not be trusted and perhaps be turned?

Former high ranking CIA analyst Ray McGovern reported that it was rumored that President Obama had remarked to a friend that he had backed off on campaign promises because he was afraid of ending up like JFK (6).

Or perhaps this was just a cover story for a last minute change which was “suggested” by President Obama’s handlers, opening up his schedule for ”required” or at least highly desired meeting with a very powerful dignitary?

Here is President Obama’s official travel schedule (7). It scheduled him to be in Senegal the same time as former President Clinton. President Obama joined George W. Bush at a special Tanzania memorial to end his African trip (8).

It was reported that Bush and Obama just happened to find time to meet together by coincidence in Tanzania on July 2, 2013, to lay a wreath at the site of a 1998 “Al Cia Duh” bombing of the US embassy (10).

Did former President Clinton Meet up with Obama and former President George W. Bush?

But could former President Clinton have been there too at the same time and could there have been a special meeting between the three Presidents in Tanzania, or could there have been such a special meeting earlier in Senegal?

Or could each president have visited Senegal earlier and individually met with a very special world dignitary who is covertly assuming power, first in Africa and then the world to pay homage to him and agree to support his NWO final takeover which necessaitates throwing Kingpins and Cutouts under the bus?

Is this “mystery entity” a powerful dignitary that is the actual ruler of the Third Force that has descended to Earth to assert control over the nations?

Certainly the visitation of a current sitting American president at the same time as two prior American Presidents to the African continent is unprecedented. This alone suggests that something very strange is up.

Of course with the apparent impending death of Nelson Mandela, control over the South American regime is now perhaps up for grabs. As many know the revolution in South America was an installation of a new socialist Bankster’s regime, actually a large scale social experiment. Doubt this then consider the triangular CIA center built in Johannesburg to represent the interests of the City of London Banksters.

In President Obama’s speech at Tanzania, he said that America was going to get more involved in Africa not just for charitable reasons but for self-interest too, that is, for new business opportunities for American corporations. This was a surprisingly blunt and honest acknowledgement since traditionally any involvement in South American or African matters have been to set up situations where the large international Banks covertly set hugely profitable “business opportunities” with the major international offshore corporations to sack the natural wealth of Africa, just as they used to do in South America, using USG trained death squads to clear the way, murder opposition and suppress the rights of the inhabitants.

Perhaps the prominent reason for the simultaneous African visits of three American Presidents, one current and two former may be to pay homage to a new world ruler who is now being revealed only to the very top insiders. At least this is the rumor circulating at a deep level inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and MJ12 support staff.

And who might this important and powerful NWO dignitary be, one so important three American Presidents would pay homage to him even over and above their own country and its sovereignty?

As the rumor goes, it is Marduk who has descended to planet Earth to Africa from an alien spacecraft. According to legend, Marduk is supposedly an Annunaki (aka Anakem or Nephilim), a luciferian demon being that allegedly represents the inter-dimensional black planet “Nibiru” which is invisible to astronomers. Allegedly the Annunaki were killed and/or driven away from earth during the flood and have begun a comeback during the 20th century by once again interbreeding with certain chosen bloodlines which have maintained the “ancient luciferian heritage” dating back to Babylon.

As the storyline goes, the have been rules established by God Almighty which limits their exercise of power over mankind. If they are to make a full scale return as they were before the flood and their previous destruction on Planet Earth, they must obey God Almighty’s rules and gain a foothold by deceiving the masses through temptation to violate God Almighty’s laws.

This involves creating and anointing various selective hybrid bloodlines which are the merger between luciferian fallen angel blood and earth woman’s blood and using them to tempt and corrupt mankind to break God’s laws which require loving God Almighty (the real one) and loving one’s neighbor as one self (aka “the golden rule”).

And as this narrative goes, lucifer anoints his hybrids and followers with special powers of deception to gain a foothold and corrupt the people of the Earth, allowing construction of a common base of corruption and perversion by dirtying up and compromising the people of the earth.

Thus these select “lucifer illuminated” (aka Illuminati) families are allegedly anointed with luciferian power to take over the world step by step through a long process of step-by-step Fabian incremental socialism.

This process involves and necessitates destroying normal male/female sex roles and the family system, “dirtying up” the population with drugs and pornography, hijacking and consolidating organized crime systems, creating an unlimited supply of money to buy and bribe governmental officials, creating massive intel systems to blackmail and compromise officials, setting up perpetual war systems and crime to create 24/7 perpetual bloodletting and death sacrifices, and making people dependent on mass media entertainment and mindkontrol systems to keep them from knowing and processing the truth.

And of course one must not overlook the power of money to buy and corrupt, so it is easy to understand why the creation of a centralized privatized world banking system which specializes in creating millions of debt-slaves in place of the serfs of the middle ages is so vital to the creation of the corrupted base which can allow the NWO Globalist “alien leader” dent by lucifer to gain a Strong foothold and take oer control of all the nations of the world.

The return of the Annunaki King Marduk?

The upward facing triangle is Annunaki fallen angel blood of the Nephilim, the “great men of old” and the downward facing triangle is the blood of the earth woman. Merged together they form the six pointed star, called the hex or the Babylonian “luciferian hex”, a symbol of Annunaki/human hybrid bloodlines anointed by lucifer.

It is interesting that it has been alleged by several top researchers of UFOs and alien visitations, that the triangle symbolizes the Annunaki which have been alleged to have been deeply involved in human and animal abductions and dissections. Some have alleged that the Annunaki have eaten a large number of human abductees.

Some historians say this was used by King Solomon when he returned to “foreign gods” and became “hexed” or under the con and curse of the six pointed Babylonian Annunaki star. The six pointed star was never used by most Hebrews to describe their various tribes or nations. It was adopted in approximately 700 AD by Judaics from a small secret sect some have referred to as the “synagogue of Satan” going all the way back to Babylon and also later adopted by the upper echelons of Freemasonry. Most non-zionist Judaics have no idea what the hex star really represent and would be horrified if they understood. The nation of Israel flies the hex flag and this symbolizes that it is a pure free-masonic nation run by the luciferians or “synagogue of satan” unbeknownst to most of its citizens or even most Judaics in the world.

So, has Marduk landed, has he made his final return to take back planet earth and establish a complete luciferian globalist NWO system? And if so does he represent the Third Force that has secretly been pulling the strings covertly in the background? And as some astute researchers have stated, the Third Force is remarkably deceptive and crafty and uses Kingpins and Cutouts to do its dirty work, typically disposing of them by throwing them under the bus after their missions are completed.

The Third Force (10).

The Third Force has never been regarded as being able to treat any Kingpins or Cutouts (11) it selects and uses with loyalty. Once their mission is completed, they are thrown under the bus. The best evidence so far is that the Third Force is an ancient evil entity which has exerted worldwide luciferian control from behind the scenes. It does not like humans, nor does it experience any human emotions. It is a beast, a blood thirsty demonic fallen angel that is allegedly an energy vampire which feeds off the constant bloodletting, pedophilia and sacrifice of human victims, and thus massive perpetual 24/7 wars are its forte.

It’s apparent goal to destroy the human race through war, destruction, high tech eugenics, and various sophisticated soft-kill methods, while creating its own substitute, a trans-human genetically spliced triple helix superman that is uni-sexual, and a beast with no conscience. Some researchers believe that the luciferian NWO plan involves complete replacement of humans with genetically spliced trans-human borgs which are inhabited by evil fallen angels (aka demons).

And of course the giant 140 interconnected major international corporations which form a power block that runs the world central banking systems is now well entrenched in the continent of Africa and has deployed major covert eugenic programs to radically depopulate it so that its numerous natural resources and assets can be cheaply acquired and stripped.

Hi, we’re from the US Government and we are here to help you” (The biggest lie ever told?).

Thus when Presidents set up 40 Billion dollar plans to help prevent and treat aids in Africa one must be very suspect. It is always like the old saying goes, the time to start worrying is when the suits show up and say, “hi, we’re from the government and we’re here to help you.” And that includes all the other supposed do gooder programs like Gates vaccination help and other sophisticated means which can allegedly be turned as used as sterilization or “thin the herd” depopulation means.

Thus we find many of these large corporations there and this includes many Chinese business ventures too, as the various NWO power structures compete to grab up as much as they can.

So when three American Presidents show up in Africa, all at the same time, one wonders how such a remarkable occurrence could be explained. And then when a highly placed respected source shares a rumor that an “alien ruler” from the past has returned as the inter-dimensional planet Nibiru is approaching in its 3600 year orbit, one wonders, could this be the reason?

Edward Snowden is alleged to have just made a major new disclosure which if true, could be a game changer and could perhaps make this rumor of Marduk landing in Africa more credible.

And now a new claim has entered the situation. A recent article (12) from an unvetted source now claims not only has Venezuela granted Edward Snowden asylum, but that Snowden has revealed that the USG and specifically NSA has massive proof UFOs and Aliens exist and “doesn’t know what to do with this information”. Sometimes misinformation sites are used to break real news so that it will be ignored and discredited. Kind of like using “blown cover” as “cover” in the Intel business.

Stay tuned because in the weeks and months to follow this whole storyline may get even stranger. Veterans Today will likely be the first to break such any such stories which clarify any of these claim one way or the other.

The Third Force cannot gain ground when folks are unwilling to harm others and do what is wrong.

The Third Force is only able to gain ground and power as long as humans behave in unnatural ways and violate God Almighty’s laws. Doing what is wrong which essentially is violating the golden rule, harming others, oneself or one’s family or nation is what gives the Third Force a means to invade.

If individuals truly follow the “golden rule” of “treating others as you would like them to treat you”, refuse to be mindkontrolled by the Controlled major Mass media (CMMM), television, video games, maintain their personal character, a commitment to truth and honesty, and maintain their basic human right to self-defense and the defense of their family and nation from outside invaders and any enemy within, this evil onslaught of the Third Force can be stopped.

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PostSat Jul 06, 2013 10:56 pm » by Troll2rocks


Censorship debunking & disinformation, it's all in a days work.

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PostSat Jul 06, 2013 11:50 pm » by Slith


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PostSun Jul 07, 2013 12:50 am » by Opalserpent

I read that earlier too on Esner, does make one think.

Africa does have a lot of resources to exploit and no proper armies to defend themselves with
unless of course it's an American backed African nation like Eqypt in which case you will get
billions of dollars and military aid to do Israel's bidding.

The fact that we go into a dark ages every few millennium is odd as we seem to have lost our collective knowledge.
And if we turn to the Sumerian tablets and the Indian epic's talking of wars between advanced civilisations
and that we were merely slaves does lead me to believe that nothing has changed.
Knowledge is power and there's no point letting us have it.
The planetary occupiers have just learnt to adapt to us and give us what we want to keep
us subdued.
Earth is billions of years old and if evolution is true which it isn't since I can't find real evidence for it then
there should have been other intelligent species besides huminoids.

Evolution says all animals will be gods, Well bankers and politicians and lawyers must be
highly evolved pre historic cockroaches and leeches.

I would rather believe the Sumerian version of accounts that we were upgraded from apes to do
the dirty work of an other worlds mining species.

Not too strong, not too smart. Easy to control with delusions of grandeur and corruption.
Today the parasitic secret societies could be the ones that harbour these inter dimensional
or interplanetary E.T.'s
I think they are merely interplanetary as the distances and dangers of space are too great to bother with
when a single solar system has all the resources you could ever need.

I can't see the problem of there being a secret shape shifting race living amongst us, if they have been
erasing our knowledge every few millennia to keep us eternally in bondage to their command.

I would have to think that there are also good aliens out there like the ones that bought us civilisation
before the men with dark intentions appeared.

For all we know we may be all clones originally taken from the same prehistoric ape before being upgraded for
working status.

Though like the gods said we were created in the image of god so he can't be much different from us.

Perhaps we had a good god once but the evil back stabbing satanic god lucifer and friends

came to earth and pulled a sly one on the Main Man.

Whatever the real story is we are not living in the utopia we should be living in.
We aren't even living in the same high quality of standards as they were living
in thousands of years ago.

Did they need vaccines back then? Did they need fluoride in the water back then?
Or are these and many other vices merely our chain and shackles of todays
highjacked corporate satanic world of secret societies and fcukwit elite war criminal scum.

You know we can print dna now. We now have primitive 3d printers.

How long till we can just print a new girlfriend or print a pet?

I can see how technology would ultimately corrupt a soul to become emotionaless and
self serving.

Just like todays scumbag elite that prance about the world giving out vaccines to black people

to make them sterile while pretending they want to banish disease and not really take over

the black peoples countries for exploitation.

Once again, did we need vaccines and fluoride in our water tens of thousands of years ago?

even millions? who knows how long the people of earth have been exploited between intervals

while the usurpers are not here.

If they aren't interplanetary and are actually from another dimension or galaxy then it is
safe to say that travelling to such a far away place and back is going to take a freaking
long time and we will have been waiting for their return like good pets.

We are so primitive it's unfunny, we can read dna with only 100 years of technology.
Imagine if we had 1 million years worth of technology.
You could permanently stooge a slave race forever like the movie "Moon" with kevin spacey.

He thinks he has a wife and family at home and works furiously to come back home when
in reality his whole life has been played out before over and over again as a clone
working for big mining corporations.

Is that what we humans are, mining bots/pleasure bots. Recreational bots?

I wrote something like this months back but ofcourse our great partition was erased through
apparent natural means :badair:

Are we all upgraded clones or are we really evolved from a stinky faeces throwing ape?
Please watch kevin spacey in the moon.

Upload to


Upload to

Look what we developed in just 100 years: From hot air balloon to moon landing :vomit:
We are getting help even now from someone or something.
So if we can do this in 100 years then we should be masters of the universe
in a thousand. :alien:

If we can live forever through dna manipulation then you don't need people and big
population's. You just need a robot slave race and army.

Perhaps we were needed just like the black African slaves to get the planet up and
running. Robots aren't going to rebel and don't realise they are slaves.

If anatomically correct skeletons have been found in 6 million year old rock strata
then perhaps our masters only visit laboratory earth every few eons and
reside here for experiments before leaving for whatever alien conventions they are
attending and leave us human pets to tend the laboratory garden.

Does evolution really need millions of species on one planet to survive?
Can't a bacteria evolve into a bigger bacteria without having to evolve legs to move
around the surface of dry lands?

If evolution is true then after 4.5 billion years there should be walking talking
ninja turtles and great artesian fly's who sculpt masterpieces with their acid spit
and debate cosmology with other intelligent insects.

But offcourse not, we are only told what we need to be told.

It makes me think about Solar power, They aren't putting solar panels on our
roofs because they want to save the planet.

No, they want us to make power to sell to our neighbours so they can sell coal
and gas to overseas buyers while we power ourselves and pay bills to the
same scum who pretend that they are saving the planet by raising
electricity prices and our costs of living every year. Nah that's globalist scum, sorry.

Here in Gladstone we are all getting solar power pretty much, we pay 24 cents a kilowatt
and we are paid 8 cents per kilowatt our panels produce which any excess of
is sold to your neighbours at the full rate of 24 cents.
I could be wrong but it sounds like capitalism never does anything for the people
without large profits first and a slave pyramid race at the bottom to power these
schemes that create a handful of rich people while the rest of us get raped.

I know there are people out there that think we live at the greatest technological
time of the world. I don't think that's true at all.

We are winding down by winding up our technology which we don't need to live.
Only the few will benefit from robot armies and the brainless soon to be
culled masses. :peep:

Look at mainstream science dictating what were the first civilisations of earth
came about.

Too bad they conveniently leave out all ooparts. [out of place artifacts]

Fight the MATRIX!!!


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PostSun Jul 07, 2013 1:06 am » by Kinninigan


i saw this article yesterday at and i was pretty close to posting it...oh well

MARDUK returns :nails:


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PostSun Jul 07, 2013 3:10 am » by Kenny

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PostSun Jul 07, 2013 7:16 pm » by Tjahzi


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PostMon Jul 22, 2013 11:54 pm » by Kinninigan


So, has Marduk landed, has he made his final return to take back planet earth and establish a complete luciferian globalist NWO system? And if so does he represent the Third Force that has secretly been pulling the strings covertly in the background?

Read more: secret-space-war-marduk-lands-in-africa-t85045.html#ixzz2ZoiaEJRK

hmmm so the royal baby was born today, maybe a human host with royal reptilian blood for Lord Marduk to inhabit and assume the anti-christ role

LORD does stand for "Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon"

well see how this plays out.........


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PostTue Jul 23, 2013 1:50 am » by Truthdefender

I knew when I got to Israel and Mason this must be Veteran'stoday. Then you lost me at energy vampire. LOLOLOLOL :cheers:

plus, I always knew there was something not right about moderator Marduk, covertly hiding in a DTV forum when really he had his sights set on the whole world!!!!

I love this place. :dancing:
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PostSat Jul 27, 2013 2:09 am » by Temps13

Well where is Marduk? Soon he will be getting his own Marvel title..Hes like a superhero,never ages..maybe its his son..for gods sake come down & give our royal family another genetic infusion & show them how to wrap the new babies head so that its head grows the right shape (not like these human scum) :pray:
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