Secret Tunnel for Ancient Egyptian Ruler Found

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whitedeath wrote:Interesting find, I remember wanting to be an archaeologist when I was younger. After corresponding with two who had worked in the field (pardon the pun) for years and they advised only doing it as an extra curricular activity because the pay on the odd occasion you actually do get paid is very low.

Still, it would be nice to be part of a team who discovered something monumental

I think it would be even better if Zahi didn't have his twisted dirty little fingers in everything in Egypt. I used to think quite highly of him until all this business with the Sphinx and certain items suddenly not being where they should. That's just the more recent stuff.

It seems that for someone who has had as much time as he has, as much money and control. He would definately be in the right spot to "release" certain evidence as he saw fit, or possibly to someone even more in control who calls his shots.

We are learning that EVERYTHING is about timing and nothing done by the media or tptb is un-intentional. He has even jumped on the "reality show" bandwagon acting like Trump.

Are you kidding me? The CHIEF of ANTIQUITIES??? What's next, a new episode of survivor filmed inside the pyramids with Zahi as the ring leader?

grrrrr.... :bang; :bang;
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