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PostMon Feb 06, 2012 1:10 am » by Cornbread714

@ Iwanci and Svaha - good posts.

I know it's not just the banks, Iwanci. Personally, I've had mixed feelings about the effectiveness of the Occupy movement but I think it has had a positive effect overall, by raising awareness some and letting TPTB and the rest of the populace know that at least some of us are willing to take a stand. But it's certainly about more than Wall Street.

And I agree with Svaha that a truly new direction for humanity may be like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the old system - perhaps even literally (I hope not). Maybe all of it has to go, and we start over, but that's a very unsettling thought...
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PostMon Feb 06, 2012 1:40 am » by Ishumble

cornbread714 wrote: “From my own personal experience and 20 years of research and investigation, nothing — and I mean nothing — that a bank, lender, loan servicer or their lawyer says or puts on paper can be trusted and accepted as true,” Mr. Lavalle said.

Laugh at and scorn the Occupy movement all you want - this article makes me want to go camp out with the hippies...

If you have the attention span to read it, you will no doubt come to the same conclusion many already have, including myself and the guy who this article focuses on - that most modern banking institutions are downright evil. ... gewanted=2

:clapper: :clapper: :clapper: well said

It's not about Jews, Illuminati or Reptilians - just a bunch of greedy, lying human banking institutions who raped the poor people in America and got away with it.

Until now.

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PostMon Feb 06, 2012 3:57 am » by Mydogma

DR wolfe says it best...we have industrialized to cut jobs, we have computerized to cut jobs..the reality is the world can't sustain, nor has any need of us all working..there is no benifet to society to make more widgets and have more walmarts and thus more disposable junk to deal with at the landfills...they system have become so bogus in the last forty years that debt has just become a word..there is not enough cash in circulation to even come close to paying it do we just print more fictious money secured buy other bad assets(money)?? The system cannot support humanity(nor was it designed too) the solutions could be very simple and have vast great implications to humanity(and the rest of the creatures). Their are many great ideas out there, like basic income for all..there are all sorts of think tanks out there and I don't thinnk its anything to overly fear..we all know the system we have brings little benifit except to the oligarchal elites..if we can exist these countless years of being ripped off with the benifeits to the top...spread the pretend wealth everywhere and base it on GDP or something like that..but a new system involves transparency in gov..the sentate has to go down...then the handcuffs are removed..there has to be global involvement
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