Several ET Species Visiting Our Planet Says, NASA Astronaut

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 10:36 pm » by Skymaster

NASA astronauts in some point in their life disclosed about Extraterrestrial UFOs [Link].

In 1971, Dr Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14 became the sixth man to walk on the Moon. His views on space , aliens and our planet are compelling and unique – hear him in down below latest exclusive interview.. ... g-our.html

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 11:01 pm » by Gunzenbomz

Lucky I use firefox & have noscript-addon stopping those shity links/adverts..

He & many astronauts come back with the same view, unless they have been hypnotized..which wears off after many many years.

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 11:12 pm » by Rahkriga

Wow...this is really old news. Mitchell said this like 5 years ago

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 11:34 pm » by Mikemess

He sounds like he's about to croak..

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PostTue Feb 15, 2011 12:30 am » by Poe2you

Nice post. I never get sick of hearing this stuff.

What is noteworthy here is the credibility of the witnesses and the fact he keeps on saying it. :flop:

Yep, he sounds like is going to croak. Usually, I find that when these people approach death, they become far more open about their experiences. It is unfortunate they have had to go through their lives holding a secret, but I commend them for advancing, rather than hindering, humanity.

The fact that many astronauts, even ones that walked on the moon (to many this is debatable :D ), Presidents, military, FBI, CIA, KGB, top scientists, FAA, etc, etc, have all come forward must mean, in the most simplistic terms, that UFO's of a non-human nature do exist.

Many of the testimonials these credible people gave and give also indicate the belief these things are interplanetary in nature. I for one believe that UFO's are both man made and interplanetary and thousands of people in an position of regard -or power - or grand influence - or trust - can't all be lying. :nope:

The truth has become too big for Governments around the world to cover up any longer. Many of them have released files (albeit I wonder about the "best" evidence some still might withhold - but maybe that is all part of disclosure?). Even the Vatican has reversed its position after a few thousand years and now openly has changed its religious belief system. Couple this with exoplanet discovery and voila - we are being set up for acceptance, step by step.

Some would argue NWO on this point, but I am more positive (and hopeful I guess) and believe that humanity is at a real crossroads. We have reached a certain technological point in just the last 100 years. Perhaps that type of growth is noted by peaceful, more experienced neighbors that realize our potential for greatness, as well as our potential for self-destruction (shutting down our nukes?). We are sometimes too immature for the technology we wield and what better way to get involved in the galactic or universal neighborhood by being shown the way, and to excel and spread out as a species?

I would say that the best way to acclimate people to a truth that will be undeniably huge for man - and change our destiny forever - would be to slowly roll this process out as it seems many (not all) world governments are doing.

I don't believe there is any planned time-line for disclosure and I think repeated exposure (allowed exposure at that) to this subject will desensitize people to the point that when it does happen, it wont be such a shock.

I believe that right now we are in a time when disclosure is nearing. I point to several pieces of the best evidence coming to light (thanks to technology) in just the last 1-10 years. Many pieces of what I speak about can even be found here on DTV.

It seems that sightings are increasing all over the world and I think that is directly proportionate to technology being widely available to record them. Media coverage seems to be broadcasting it more and there seems to be less ridicule and more sincere interest and tolerance in the subject.

I also believe that disinfo agents (or some power holders) are still trying to do their best to try and keep us from the truth and maintain their attempted grip to control our lives (hoax, certain Governments, or both, etc), but it is becoming too large of a battle for them sustain and their efforts seem to be waning :clapper:

I can't wait for the day when this comes, unless of course, our interplanetary friends are hostile.

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PostTue Feb 15, 2011 4:03 pm » by Mikemess

Very good interview and link.. :flop:

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